Theresa and a lost opportunity


After completing “Courtship” i was very disappointed to find out that nothing changes between Theresa and Henry. Its like nothing happened. It was so jarring that it seems as though they meant for this quest to be so much more but that it was just abandoned for some reason. It was such a let down that i reloaded a previous save to keep her flirty dialog open. I understand the drunken one night stand with the bar maid and the thing with the nobleman’s wife not leading anywhere, but the theresa quest should have been different.

This was a real lost opportunity to add a huge amount of depth, realism and roleplaying. My humble suggestions:

This relationship should be added to in a patch or addressed in future DLC. Finishing her quest should have at the very least unlocked a new dialog tree as well as maybe the ability to “sleep” with theresa regularly with a short adult cutscene and maybe a temporary charisma buff.

For more depth of roleplaying this quest could have even led to henry buying or building a home for himself and theresa to live in and further develop their relationship.

This just seems like a huge opportunity to add a vast amount of emotion and immersion to the world of KDC.

Thanks for reading.

Theresa or Lady Stephanie (spoilers)

What did you actually benefit from doing that quest? Like items, money?

Absolutely nothing other than a crappy sex scene, it’s been really poorly done and if you think that quest was anit climatic be prepared for even more disappointment and missed opportunities because the game is full of them. A lot of hard work for nothing.


You are right and there is another thread about it from today

maybe they will add more depth to it, seems like they didnt see theresa as a main character


Can you send me the link


I expected her dialogue to change slightly once completed… I guess in many ways it’s a surprisingly accurate representation of some relationships.


In real life Theresa is just a video game character


this is medieval times, they were players.


Hi all,
just wanted to say thank you for the topic :wink:
I thought I’m the only one who doesn’t like the “outcome” of the relationship. What bothers me most is the fact that all 3 “dating quest” were really nice done. They come slowly closer to each other, going out, have a fight to defend my lady, playing “Blinde Kuh” (don’t know the English expression for this game) and than: BAM. SEX, trophy, good by.
If the devs will read this: Are there any chances that there will be coming more for the both of them? Would be nice to know.



This appears to be where WH came up short in character development. You both came from the same village that was destroyed. You’re the select few left alive. You have the potential to save each other’s lives. At a minimum, she saved your hide. You are reminded of the magnitude of her effort. You take the advice. Proceed with the courtship. And then, no special relationship/dialogue thereafter? Disappointing if true (haven’t reached that point). Don’t have to get married and have a huge litter of kids. And, you don’t have to have a sex cutscene every time you flirt with her thereafter. But a modified conversation would be nice. Btw, I have NPC villagers and guards expressing greetings to me (God save you Henry, etc). Having the same from Theresa at Miller Peshek’s place would be a nice, appropriate touch irrespective of courtship. Find it odd she made a point of asking me about going to the dance, saved my life and then doesn’t even offer up common villager greetings


I just completed this quest yesterday and i felt the same way. This game is severely lacking in the relationships department.


Couldn’t agree more , such a lost opportunity , damn i felt dissapointed i hoped for a marriage option , it felt natural but hey just random sex and no dialog change…sigh*


I completely agree and felt like the storylines had a lot of opportunity with this. Theresa is pretty obvious, but Stephanie explicitly mentions that she has not had any luck carrying a child (two losses that could have to do with her husband’s genes) so could you imagine if Henry got Stephanie pregnant and what a wrench that would throw into things? That brings so so many moral choices and options for later gameplay.


A Bastard’s bastard - nice.


one thing i do like is that you can ply her with stuff. although it seems bugged. when i give her jewlry and stuff, it’s still in my inventory.


On top of the temporary charisma buff Henry should get a permanent buff to vitality because you have someone to live for.
And I don’t think a cutscene like what we got in the barn would be realistic (development wise) or necessary.
It’d also be cool if she’d come to your apartment in Pierkenstein in Rattay, be it to live there or just as visits.

The most important thing would be continued dialogue though, since right now Theresa is just another random but named NPC.


A marry Theresa Option with a permanent buff would be great. other people should aswell recognize that you are a married man.


I totally agree that this is the missing oportunity. This could give Henry a home he should come back.
I don’t want to spoil the story, but I think it might be a problem to marry Tereza … But I don’t want to tell you any spoiler.
Anyway, yesterday I thought about it if the woman character we were told that will be in the game is not Tereza, it doesn’t make sense that way, just to cut any interaction with her after that quest and the quest with the water … So, we’ll see.


Spot on, a permanent buff for having a significant other is a great idea


See the problem is, Henry’s “Love Making” stat is really low. That is the reason Theresa is not there in the morning or want to flirt with him at all.


Exactly my thoughts. I felt it was a huge letdown as well. And like you, I reloaded to keep the flirty option open.

It’s something that seems so simple that they really need to flesh out. There are obviously a lot of people who would enjoy the added depth.