Theresa and a lost opportunity


At least this is what was planned during kickstarter.

A line of quest into our game where you can play as a young woman that saves the lead character in the beginning of the game. She’s smart, courageous and good at stealth.



It’s either not completed/implemented fully (due time shortage) or just lazy/poor script design. There are also other quests that feel the same way in the game. Once they’re completed - no real impact/outcome to the world what-so-ever (jobs for beggars, Stephanie romance, etc.). Shame.


beggar feast is another along with jobs that should have a direct and noticeable effect on health and well-being of refugees. Don’t do: Disease. Starvation. Death. Crime. Punishment. Do: better health. Fewer death. Making coin (less crime) etc

Reminds me of a critique of FO4 vs FO New Vegas. The former had options but didn’t materially impact outcomes and other NPCs. The latter had choices that mattered. Hope WH can build up the consequences as DLC


Theresa and lost Virgin achievement.


I am in complete agreement. It was extremely offputting to engage in what seemed to be a natural romantic courtship in game, only to have it lead to nothing of consequence. I found myself wanting to check in with Theresa before starting big battles, or explaining what I’d been up to hoping for some exposition type dialogue, but there was nothing. Total missed opportunity.


DLC plans include that already so to bad if you dont think its necessary. Your going to get it along with the ability to rebuild saltzburg AKA Silver Town where Joe Dirt lives, and you will build that home next to him! Bandits wont come around for fear of getting stab in the face and experiencing a walking talking dread mullet!


yeah they should have like a real relationship you have to go out and get the shopping exactly right or you get into fights and stuff. like my mom and dad. i reckon theresa gets proper mad in that mill the whole time.


I understand that there is a quest where Henry gathers roses for a bath maid.
Seems he should be gathering roses for Theresa instead.
He owes her his life!
He should be showering her with gifts and affection!
I suppose, if the sex scenes were too hot, few of us men would ever finish the game?


Maybe Henry can (should) get better in the sack later in the game?
Like in real life?


The next time I spoke to Theresa, afterwards, was only to have her nag me about getting her friend a job as a water carrier. After I suggested it was out of my hands and the bailiff’s responsibility she really gave me shit. Seems like a proper relationship to me.


The Kobylas seem to have a certain love ‘em and leave ‘em tendency


Theresa doesnt want to have sexy time with me anymore. After the first two times she got bored. Thing is I had sex with other NPC’s after we kinda started seeing each other.


Now with from the ashes the refugees will have a new home in Presbislavit(sp) that you build.


After the quest with the flowers, you can offer them to Theresa if they are in your inventory :wink:


Certainly moving in the right direction. And although the implementation might not be exactly what this or that person wants, WH is listening :+1:


You’re a tramp Kirksty!
Better hope Theresa doesn’t find out!


I really hope that Theresa questline is going to be reworked with DLC Woman’s lot. Because right now it’s absolutely horrible. Such a waste. We need far more interactions with her. And I think it would be a good idea to connect it with other dlc’s as well - From Ashes - making her a wife of the bailiff of Pribyslavitz, tournament dlc - fighting in her name during a tournament for example etc. etc.


Finally we can agree on something bud. You are everywhere on these forms tho man like come on give it a rest sometimes. Whens the last time you got up to poop or eat!?!?!


I want to marry her in a dlc … she can live in my village … and have some kids … and stuff … ! ^^ make this come true :smiley: – and please give us more interactions with her … not just talking the same stuff ever and ever ^^


Just finished Courtship quest and was very disappointed in the way that it ended. So much so I want to reload to an earlier save. It was a very sad ending to a wonderfully written quest because they don’t have more dialogue. Hoping for a long term relationship in their future. Also, it will be fine with me if there are never any more nude sex scenes.