Thoughts on KCD2

KCD is one of the best rpgs around but here are some improvements i would love to see in a sequel:

  • refine combat (especially target lock and balance of counter attacks)
  • children. For example the refugees of skalitz would would be more impactful if they had children around.
  • More variation of npcs on the road. Not only single traveller, but groups, carts. Some could travel to the market in Rattay or Sasau very 15 days.
  • more complex npc interaktion. KCD has some of the best npcs I ve seen. I was quiet disappointed when there was no further interaction when npcs like Hans, Theresa or Father Godwin had done their part. How about hunting with hans to various hunting spots. Having a drink with godwin, finding a secret place to meet with Theresa, things like that.
  • More impact after quests. Why aren’t there any people going back to Rovna after Henry found a priest 1-2 familes would be enough? There could be a follow up quest. Same with from autumn to ashes and the refugees in Rattay not leaving for prebislavitz.
  • more variety of animals. maybe the occasional rat in town, but definitely in forest areas.
  • Alchemy is great. I’d love to see more similar systems. I think of cooking, smithing, repairing. Doesn’t have to be important storywise, would just be nice for immersion.
  • possibility to learn how to swim.
  • more, better companions
  • not having everyone greeting Henry by name.
  • seasons (has to make sense storywise)

can’t wait for kcd2


I agree to these, adding:
I prefer having option for free and lock combat, though it is tied to animations and interaction between objects are consistent. Sword doesn’t run through enemy and harms none. If they managed to make it work yes, cause I’m pc gamer and lock on seems very much console like to me and rather have freedom in movement and situational awareness.
They don’t have to make very small NPCs maybe make them slightly shorter or younger looking, I believe some NPCs in game were supposed to be teenagers at that time but look like adults.
If carts were tied to quests, maybe, otherwise it’s just work on top.
I like very much what Theresa got in her Skalitz perspective, many NPCs now talk to her. It. Doesn’t need to be all but if they got many NPCs that have soul and say more than generic, it’s nice living here, our town usually sells silk and buys furs (ref M&B), something to immerse player into their problems, doesn’t need to be quests.
Rovna was kinda weird, it was burnt, not many people might fancy it after all, it was not financed by Henry as Pribyslavitz.
Wolves, bears… Definitely.
Blacksmithing if it doesn’t break the whole game.
Swimming was kinda reasonable and well see how they make new world accessibility.

Generally agree with both of you. Main ones for me though are:
-better/more elaborate impact system (ie quests can be resolved in different ways; each resolution has a different impact on game world… some possible to intuit, some not)
-Kickstarter elements not implemented in KCD (large scale battles, warhorses, sandbox, smithing)

I know others will disagree but to me the overall writing of KCD is pretty darn close to the dog’s bollocks. Hope WH doesn’t lose this in productions going forward

Fine tuning:
-restructure skills to be more learning by doing [archery was pretty spot on in skill dev; melee skills (combos) should follow same trajectory]
-tone down loot abuse potential
-retain spawn point events such as ambush and battles but reduce their number and make some roving bands (if aligns with game narrative such as post-invasion chaos-mayhem of KCD)


Yes. Good thoughts indeed.

And at tavern, you can sit at a table and order from there food and drinks and the tavernmaid brings it to you at the table. And have other games there like dart, drinking game. Also pubs brawl.

Random events. Attacked merchants and guards say thank you to Henry and give him maybe also some Groschen. After he helped against bandits or Cumans.

More talk options with npcs and you can always ask your best friends like Theresa, Godwin, Hans, Fritz and other to do some activities they like, to go to the tavern, bathhouse, hunting, fighting, archering, fishing, playing dice. And have some new games. You can repeat the activities you did with them before in quests. (Like to go for a walk with Theresa…again and again to changing locations of course with rising reputation to them. And your friends offer you than presents or other things, like support or goods…)

If you have your own house, the possibility to decorate things, like shields or weapens. Put fine glasses and golden cups at the table or wardrobe to decorate your room and House. Have all your armor also there. Like the Zoul coat of arms. And improve your house.

Have many npcs with horse and travelling with wagons at the countyside. And of course there are also bandits attacking them. But this npcs are real people from the villages. Not only spawning random travellers.

Ask people, like miller, undertaker, lumberjack, farmer, blacksmiths and other for work. And help them doing their jobs and get money, goods and a bed to sleep.

Have a big town in KCD2, maybe Kutna Hora?


Drinking, eating, chatting up a storm, befriending, fighting, playing and maybe even dancing and singing

So wanted/hoped for these types of things from ashes. A woman’s lot made KCD whole. Tavern life would make ashes whole

Yeah right. That would be great.

And for ashes… a house for Theresa and Henry…

Was disappointed that most of the quest choices made no actual impact in the game. They could also make it so not every choice would be straight forward, a choice you thought would be the best one, would end up being the worst in the long run.
Eg. You give someone some money to help them out, but they end up getting robbed and killed for that money, little twists like that.

Would also like to see a better economy. Shops wouldn’t really sell all these top end expensive equipment (that aren’t that expensive really). Equipment like that should be custom made and very expensive to make. They could also have special offers every now and then, as well as rare shipments from time to time.
You walk into town and someone says something like “Did you hear, the armoursmith in so and so city has just recived a rare shipment”.

With all the knowledge and experience from this game they should make an excellent sequel.

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Some additional things I’d like to see are some survival elements, like building a campfire, campsite, carrying a bedroll, flint, etc. This would go a long way toward bringing about a depth of gameplay that would certainly be beneficial to the game.

When it’s getting dark and I’m out and about away from a town or city, I’d like the ability to hop off my horse, throw out my bedroll, gather some wood and build a fire for the night, so I can get right back to it the next morning. This is a much needed addition to the game.


some great ideas, i especially like the camping stuff, had similar thought while lost in the woods at night. Also the tavern interactions and better economy with more realistic shops. would greatly increase immersion.
an additional point from me, I know it’s a stretch if doable at all:

  • Mutliplayer duels in the arena. could be really fun.

I’d like to see a bit more intrigue and a darker plot (a bit more Game of thrones like) more variation of landscape, and of course, more castles; and maybe some dark cult in an underground complex?

Agree, KCD was a great start but we usually find new RPGs usually excel in the 2nd game. Let’s hope!

The beginning could’ve been a lot darker if you more direct investment in saving and losing (more) lives. Run emancipates you from the investment; the return with Theresa recovers some of it but the temporal separation lessens the impact

Some ideas are good but I also read some things that I realy don’t hope to see in KCD2. I mean, darts, putting your sword or shield against the wall, more animals in the woods…

I am sure WH knows what they are doing and hope they keep it autentic.

…but its already in the game…

In the DLC “From The Ashes” is in Pribyslavitz a dart game in the tavern. There are also shields at the wall in the garrison, Inside and outside. You can take them off the wall.

Great list. I agree with all of these VenetianScorn1!

you know… its not fantasy, thats real world and real history. I agree they could make a huge city like Prague in next KCD, but the plot should stay loyal to real history. But they could jump few years… to 1420 for example… then we could see really huge battles (like Battle of Vitkov Hill… it would be so good to beat Sigismunds crusaders with flails-but there is colision with history again because Hans Capon was on Sigismund side in reality).

Really? Why? Did he switch sides or did the game portray him falsely from the beginning?

well. … he signed the petition of boheminan noblemans againts John Hus imprisonment. But after his dead he was anti hussite… we can only guess why, but I would say he had no choice. His lands were really close to Kutenberg and it was practicaly Sigismunds capital in Bohemia. If he was on Hussites side… Rattay would be under siege almost permanently

Game didn’t portray him bad. If you listened Hanush and Robard, they speak of him in unpleasant descriptions, that what might grow out of him since he has got it easy.

I’m really happy that someone has the same point of view with me. I will so much love all the things you said. And having a real house and lead a town all by our own…