Tip for anyone that killed the Rattay executioner

If you are like me and killed the executioner to steal the ring from his box, fear not, he rises from the dead. I guess since he is part of a side quest he comes back to life. However there will likely be one big issue, he is angry with you (i guess he remembers being murdered for a cheap ring), and will fight you as soon as you come near him. The worst part is that he will not accept your surrender, and if you fist fight him and force him to surrender he will proceed to just constantly run away from you in fear, making it impossible to talk to him for his quest.

However there is a way around this issue. If you have him follow you all the way to the two gaurds at the front gate of Rattay, the two gaurds will join in to fist fight you (i guess they assume you did something wrong), but the gaurds will accept your surrender, which will force the executioner to accept it as well. This will then allow you to talk to him for the quest. Also the gaurds will not charge you with anything since nothing was actually reported to them.

I hope this helps someone out there that was worried they would miss this side quest, i know it concerned me a bit. This also may help anyone else who ends up in a fight with an inportant character but cant figure out how to peacefully end it.


thx it was helpfull

No problem

Would have been simpler and easier to convince him that the miller shorted him in flour and get him to leave.
Killing isn’t always the only option.

Yeah actually. Killing is a bad thing in kcd. Frowned upon. The game should punish players hard for it.

Henry the pacifist … just not a lot of non-cookie cutter activities to pursue that role

No there isn’t but if I can talk my way in/out why not? builds speech skill and less wear and tear.

Thanks, I MIGHT have beaten him up and stolen all his stuff to sell very early on in the game, back when I was seeing if all the skyrim experience would be relevant. It wasn’t. At all. Made for many painful moments. For Henry. I just swore at the game…