Too many crashes and hard reboots

I have sent multiple tickets with logs included and still have not received any response. I am sick and tired of losing hours of gameplay because my saves get wiped on the forced hard reboots.

During the course of normal play sometimes it will crash to desktop but fail to save anything. It will not even allow me to send a crash report. If I select quit or save and quit from the escape menu it almost always forcibly reboots my entire system and loses all save data from that session even if I use saviour schnapps. This is beyond fucking ridiculous and I now have no choice but to uninstall the game until this issue is addressed.


Windows 10 Pro
Ryzen 3700x
Vega 64
Samsung 960 Evo 2TB m.2 nvme
Corsair SF750w 80+ Platinum
Raijintek Ophion Evo case
Raijintek Orcus 240mm AIO

I should not be having these issues

I think you have same issue as others… You should check other threads in the forum.

In short, try to disable SMT (multithreading in bios)

Hope it helps.

This game has issues with CPUs that have too many threads/cores.
Disable SMT should help as a workaround until they fix it in the game.

New AMD Ryzens have 12 cores/24 threads and that will crash the game.
Maybe the crashes already occur on 8 cores/16 threads or 10c/20t systems.

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Otherwise, you can edit “sys_streaming_cpu” option in the user.cfg file

Check the following thread as some playeres talk about it
Constant Crash to Desktop, PC 1.9.2-404S

Thanks. I have done that already though and I was still getting forced rebooting whenever selecting save and quit or quit from the escape menu. I was going to say I have had no issues with other games but in DOTA 2 I had random black screens and also black screens when adjusting video settings so now I am thinking that it could be my GPU dying. It was bought used so… buyer beware I guess. Hopefully it lasts until the sales so I can pick up a 2070 or 5700 xt. Not sure where to get a PCIe 4.0 riser cable though but I’ll look.

I would say let’s wait for the next patch.

Hopefully the next patch does address it. However I know my GPU is in not in a good state since I cannot use the display port connections even though my monitor supports display port. So I know I need to swap it soon.


Patch didn’t do a fucking thing for my issue. No I’m not talking about crashes but the FORCED HARD REBOOT whenever selecting quit or save and quit from menu. I have sent in 3 god damn support tickets and have had no response. I will send a 4th one. I am fucking tired of this shit.

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You ever thought that it maybe your faulty GPU that is causing the issue?

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Are you overclocked (CPU or GPU)? If so, revert to stock settings.

Old motherboard bios drivers may cause some game crashings too. Check motherboard bios version, if there is new version, update it (carefully with instructions). My game crashed too, but updating bios drivers fixed it. You can’t blame everything on this game, all tho its bit buggy. A lot of problems are from hardware or software, not just only the game.