Tried again 4 months later, still not having fun

I originally bought the game for PC in February, and quickly gave up because despite having an i7 4790k and GTX 1080, I was getting 15 FPS on low settings. I got a refund on steam and decided I would check back later.

I ended up seeing the game on sale on PSN a few weeks back, and decided to give it another go, with PS4 being my preferred platorm. I’ve spent about 20 hours with the game, and I just don’t get the big deal. It’s simply not FUN for me, at all.

First of all, lockpicking on PS4 is a joke. I have attempted to unlock a very easy container at least a dozen times, and I still can’t understand what the hell this lockpicking system is supposed to be. Seriously, it’s bad.

Secondly, the map is atrocious, it took me forever to make heads or tails of it. I would much prefer a map that was more practical and didn’t have all these little fancy-pants illustrations all over it. The game also does a horrible job explaining what all these myriad symbols mean, and I don’t mean just the map but in all aspects. I’m constantly seeing icons all over the screen and I have no idea what they mean.

The combat also leaves a lot to be desired. It got to the point where I would simply try to outrun every enemy I encountered, because combat is such a chore, not to mention boring. I get that Henry is supposed to be this idiot who can’t do anything, but damn.

The final straw for me was on my recent playthrough, i had started over for the 7th time or so, and it was the quest where you are supposed to escape from Talmberg, and after I mounted my horse, the stupid thing kept getting clipped into the surroundings and I literally couldn’t control this thing enough to even get to the castle gates. In my previous playthroughs I had simply jumped off the bridge, but the horrible mechanics controlling the horse were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I’ve come to the understanding that this game obviously isn’t for me, which is a shame because I had anticipated it for a long time. I can tell that a lot of love went into creating this, but the game simply is no fun. I know the devs were going for realism, but I think if that realism is coming at the expense of fun and immersion, then you’re doing it wrong.

Hats off to you guys enjoying the game. I wish I was one of you.

Perhaps it is your approach that’s bad.
Google is your friend. Thee are many texts and videos out there explaining how it works.

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Re-reading your post…
It’s not Henry.


I am replaying the game and I am having a blast. Give it time. I promise you that there is a really good and engaging game here

You don’t get it. the game is set in 1403 so the dev made a map that reflects the maps of the era. It is NOT meant to be a Michelin guide road map or the witcher 3 map. you are meant to explore and uncover and LEARN.

Also the game won’t hold your hand and lead you around like Witcher 3.
the game gives you information if just look it up in the help screens and archive in the inventory section.
If you let it and take time to read it will teach you about the game and some real history. Blasting thru it and not learning and appreciating times it is placed in and the tech available , i.e.: cartography is a loss.
I can’t say do anything about lock picking as I am on PC with a controler and use the keyboard.


So don’t do any lockpicking or do any of the things you find annoying.
Just wander around the beautiful countryside.
See what you can discover.
I just decided to ignore the quests for a while and go exploring.
It’s great fun.
Yes, lockpicking can be frustrating and so can the combat, but you can get training for those things, and once you do get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy those challenging aspects of the game.
In the mean time just explore…

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Try this mans channel:

to get around the stupid combat system I just use heavy armor and a bow, get a couple head shots and the person dies. I’ve had multiple mission bugs stop me from progressing, forcing me to load a save from 6 hours prior to try and avoid the bug. Its a really cool game, looks great, has a great story but the bugs, difficult combat and poor pc optimization drive me nuts. I haven’t played for a few weeks. Maybe if the dev team addressed the game breaking issues before working on DLC the game would be better. Now here comes the fan boys to defend the game and call me a pleb for getting annoyed with the game’s flaws.

Pleb! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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XBox One:

The only other game I played, that comes close to KCD, was Skyrim.
In that combat system, to swing the sword, you just pressed the control trigger.
I just assumed This game worked the same. It doesn’t.

In this system, it is the release of the trigger that swings the sword.
Squeezing it brings it up into defense position.
This was very hard for me to get use to.

Also, the right stick controls the direction from which you will swing.
It took me forever to figure that out, and then when I did, it took several hours of practice in Rattay to get use to that control.
You are also able to kick your opponent and stab. Each with separate controls.

My point is, I did not understand the controls to begin with and didn’t realize that I didn’t I understand them.
I just kept making the same assumptions and mistakes over and over.
Nothing I read seemed to explain it.and no YT video explained either.
Then once I did understand them, I had a learning curve to become good enough to beat several attackers at a time.

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the combat system is based on real combat moves of H.E.M.A. Historical European Martial Arts.
So it will be more complex.
not the swing and bash hack and slash of a fantasy game.


Since you refunded before, I think you keep the game now.
Consoles pretty much suck about lockpicking, or use mouse and keyboard. I am master lockpicker and there is nothing easier than opening chests in this game, furthermore you get filthy reach from that so if you avoid lockpicking, you may make it more challenging at the end game, you can still open chests if you steal keys from inhabitants.
On map you can set location to follow on compass, keep in mind you can not swim, so look for bridges or stone dam. Icons on the bottom are buffs and debuffs, plus skills. Firstly, you see hunger (below 50 nourishment) and sleepless with injuries and bleeding. You can be poisoned or being attacked (swords on top), then if they catch you, red purse appears, which means you are criminal in location.
You better run. Horse is good for retreat so better follow main quest and you will get one. Other than that combat is very present and enemy encounters may surprise you. You can avoid conflicts for half of your gameplay but eventually there will be difficult missions where you will either have to be sneaky or armed to teeth.
Horses get stuck on anything in their way so better avoid buildings and off road riding.
Anyways, Talmberg is better left on foot. You will have other horses available.

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For PC users who have low FPS please try my mod

Question: are NPCs’ heads missing when you enter into Rattay with your mod? I do not have low FPS, but graphic tweaking has no effect on that, even torch started flickering at night. I am very concerned about quality rather than FPS.

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that type of issue is not gonna be related per say.

Anyone who identifies a problem or bug in a civil manner gains more credibility with everyone here.
To be honest, after I got the game in February, loaded it and found there was already a large patch, I was not very pleased after several hours of play when the screen began to jitter side to side.
I think I played until there was a new patch, which did not correct the jitter.
I was livid and left some obnoxious comments about the game, though I did have praise for it too.
I took about a six week break from playing, then came on the forum and saw that patch 1.5 was available, so I downloaded and it corrected the screen jitter. I Have been able to play with little problems, although the Runt/Henry video went to a black screen and crashed several times. I was lucky and got the game to proceed by pressing the “B” key on the black screen and the game proceeded normally.

I hate to think what some people thought of my earlier comments.
I wanted my money back too, but that’s not the case any longer, because I remembered the bugs I encounter in Skyrim six years after the game came out. I suspect some of them will never be fixed, but they weren’t game breaking as early versions of KCD were.
I commend WHS for their efforts!
Should they have released it with so many bugs?
They probably would have had to play with it themselves for years to discover all the bugs it had.
The public was able to do in in weeks and let them know, so they could fix the problems sooner.


We players are an insidious and ingenious lot. figuring out, trying and doing things to the game the Devs would never have thought of. :smirk:


No matter how good your Q&A is, you are never going to try and sell over 2,000 apples with a stolen one in the middle.


6 years of development and it was in early access for 3 years, they should have been able to find and fix the large majority of the bugs before it was officially released. I am upset because I spent $60 on a game that breaks so bad that I had to completely stop playing because I was worried for my health.

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Hello mate.

I personally also found lockpicking very difficult to start off with (I play PS4 as well). It’s frustrating but does become easier with more practice, like most things. With regards to the map - which is a beautiful map that I thoroughly enjoy - there is an entry in your codex which contains a list of every map icon and describes what it is for. I’m not trying to have a go at you when I say this, but I find it strange that you chose that to complain about, because it seemed a very simple affair. To me at least. The combat is difficult, and I have in no way mastered it yet. I totally understand that some people just might not enjoy it, and I can see why, to be honest. I do enjoy it though. It’s rewarding, I feel.

The horses. I’ll agree with you on the horses. I haven’t found a single game that has mastered horse mechanics. I find working the camera to be very awkward on horseback, and that the horses get stuck on things very easily. Perhaps the latter is just me not horsing properly.

Good job for not being proper salty about not liking the game though, there’s nothing more annoying than salty comments haha.