Tried again 4 months later, still not having fun



How old and used is your controller.? my left stick wore out then broke ( was bought used). Had to get a brandy new one and I could tell the difference.
All tho I still find locks a bit of a challenge on them unless I go KB & mouse.


I play on the xbox one. I have no issues with lockpicking. I’m now picking very hard locks usually with my first pick now.

The controller vibration doesn’t bother me. The sweet spot gets bigger as I improve my lockpicking skill. On easy and very easy locks I only need to put it on the sweet spot and barely have to rotate it at all now.

I would recommend picking easy locks on the outskirts of Rattay and on farm houses until you can get the perk to pick quietly enough to have the noise reduced 90%.


This is correct.


The problem is likely that you don’t actually understand how to lockpick. I don’t mean this to be rude, but there’s a mechanic involved that isn’t natural and really isn’t truly explained anywhere (even though it’s attempted to be explained).

Also, do NOT turn off vibration. Vibration is your friend in lockpicking. When you get to the sweet spot the controller is going to vibrate minimally and be a guide for you.

Here’s my best attempt at helping you out…

  • One thumbstuck controls turning or twisting the lock and the other thumbstick controls keeping the lockpick in the sweetspot. You knew that.

  • Think of it this way, if you are turning the lock, the sweetspot is moving at the same time (because the lock is moving), so both thumbs need to move in unison/simultaneously, around the thumbsticks with a similar speed. Generally, if you turn the lock so it moves in about a half circle, it should feel like your thumbs move in a circular pattern, about half a circle (it’s not quite equal but I’m trying to get across the relationship between what you see and what you should be doing and feeling

  • The problem comes in when you start to get more vibration on the lockpick. One of two things is happening, you’re going too fast turning the lock and the sweetspot is too slow, or you’re going too slow with the lock and to0 fast with the lockpick. The answer is to keep moving in the same circular motion as you were, but speed up or slow down whichever mechanic isn’t correct. How do you know? You can tell by what you see on the screen is the best way I can explain it.

  • To put it into perspective, stand up straight and fully extend one of your arms fully. Now, imagine you are going to slowly turn in a circle and you want your arm to move and stay extended. Well that’s easy right? Yes it is. Now imagine that you are controlling it. one thumb is controlling your body turning and the other is controlling your arm turning at the same time. If one of them falls behind, you need to compensate.

Not sure if that helps at all, but I will say that I SUCKED hard at it for a long time. I thought I’d never figure it out. Seriously… then I got one to work. Then I struggled for a long while again, but not quite as long, then another worked. Slowly it got better and I figured out how it actually worked and how it should feel. Until you do it successfully a few times, you can’t really understand how it works and it feels broken.


My controller doesn’t vibrate. I think it might be because I’m playing over steamlink.


Yep. Good way of telling him direct.