Tutorial - Creating High-Poly Armor/Clothing Meshes

Hi all,

I thought I would share a tutorial I wrote on ModDB for the Attila: Total War version of Seven Kingdoms on creating high-poly meshes of clothing and armor. It’s intended for a different game, but the principles and steps are identical for this stage of asset creation. If you plan on creating custom models for KC:D, this workflow guide may be helpful.

Link here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/seven-kingdoms-total-war/news/seven-kingdoms-how-its-made-part-1

This tutorial includes a walkthrough of:

  • Creating realistic clothing and folds using Marvelous Designer
  • Importing these assets into ZBrush for 3d sculpting
  • Using ZBrush to detail the clothing/armor

The next part of the tutorial will guide you through retopology (reducing high-poly geometry into a model optimized for games) and texturing.


  • BM

Looking forward for new bascinets and resized pauldrons!

For the record : https://forum.kingdomcomerpg.com/t/bascinets-look-dreadfull-update-graphical-explanation-on-the-first-post/58700/21

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having more bascinets would definitely be awesome. and flipping up and down the visor in 3rd person view needed as well