Want to play in 3rd person view

I am playing with the mod that let me play in 3rd person view, but I have some problems:

  1. The camera is very low, pointing to the boots.
  2. Mouse movement could do what does in every 3rd person view game, and that would be awesome. Right now it is a pain in the a.
  3. Combat in 3rd person view would be great with mouse movement normal, like M&B Warband (it is just the same concept).

I understand why you want to play in 3rd person, because that’s the view how a role playing game normally should be played. But Kingdom Come works a lot better in first person. Riding with the horse is so much more immersive than in 3rd person! The whole world looks so much more realistic. I hate first person in Skyrim so I alwayss played it in 3rd person! But I love first person in Kingdom Come. I think give the game a chance in first person and you will love it too.

Yes, maybe it is right for many people, but not for me. I never play a game in first person view for many reasons I don’t want to talk about .

The thing is that I believe that this game was intended to be played in 3rd person view, or at least to give the chance to the player, because animations and almost everything is working right in 3rd person view. Why devs decided finally not to give the chance to play this way is something I don’t know, maybe because some problems that they could not solve. I don’t mind to play with those problems, but mouse movement makes the gameplay very unconfortable, and fixing that the game would be very good in 3rd person view.

Of course with that mouse and camera fix people could continue playing in 1st person view normally…, so I don’t understand why not to make the game better for people like me.

The game was NEVER intended to be played in 3rd person. The very first gameplay videos from 2011 are already first person. This was even long before pre-alpha!

When you don’t play games in first person, then you miss a lot of the best games ever made such as “Amnesia” franchise and “SOMA” and so many other games that only work in first person!

I recommend you to play “Dear Esther” to get familiar with first person. It’s a 2 hours long story driven experience which is very focused on atmosphere and immersion. Then you begin to enjoy first person games. It’s from Prof. Dr. Dan Pinchbeck, one of the best story writers and game designers of all time and Jessica Curry as the composer says everything.

I do not want to play in the third person, only in the first person, because in the first person it is better to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

I really don’t understand why people always try to make other people think in an unique direction. I don’t ask anybody to love 3rd person view, I just say that I prefer rather than first person view, and this game is SO CLOSE to be perfect to play in 3rd person that it is a pity not to be able to do so.

And please, do not try to convince me that first person view is something increible that I am missing. I know perfectly what is first person view, and I have tried to play many times in first person view, but there is something that makes me unconfortable adn I never enjoy that point of view.

I know KCD is a first person view game and 3rd person is not suppported, but I am not forcing anyone to support me in this matter, I am just saying that it is a pity not to havee the option when it is so close to be done.

If something is good for you, it is good. If something is good for everybody, it is awesome. That is the idea.

And of coruse I don’t want to open a debate about immersion in a game, but in my opinion it is much more immersive the use of 3rd person view, and that is why I prefer it.

The thing is that I believe that this game was intended to be played in 3rd person view, or at least to give the chance to the player, because animations and almost everything is working right in 3rd person view.

Well you are wrong.
This is from the kickstarter:
"A first-person, open world, realistic RPG that will take you to Medieval Europe in a time of great upheaval and strife. "

And as have been pointed out, the gameplay from the pre alpha version they used to try sell the project to publishers. (before turning to kickstarter) was in 1st person.

So why not jut make it playable in both?
First of all the devs had a vision. and that was about making a 1st person game.
2nd adding 3rd person play would take dev time. time that would then not have been spend on other aspects of the game.

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Ok, but many players have a different “vision”, and that is why (I am trying to say) this game is good, but no awesome, at least for me. If you play with the 3rd person mod, you soon realize that the “vision” that you say was not entirely true, at least to some people inside the devs group. Too much evidences of a desire of making 3rd person view posible, even if nobody said a word about that.

game was made in cryengine… it support playing in 3rd out of the box.

This might not be for the reason you think.
Henry has the same animation as NPCs and those need to work in other persons views.
And why they share animation? There could be several reasons like true 1st person (you see your feet and body) combat that depend sync. canimations (f.e. combos) that also NPC vs NPC could do.

Also, the interier is bit too low and too narrow to be 3rd person friendly.

Anyway, thsi is moddding part of the forum. It should not matter if the gmae was intended 3rd person or not. Mods are there to add things from a pot helmet to a lightsaber, from inventory sorter to cheat mod.

That depends from game to game. Some games are better in third person, some in first person.