Poll: What should be our next stretch goal? What about 3rd person camera?

So we have reached our latest stretch goal (thank you!) and we have to come up with a new one. But its quite hard to come up with something which would be possible to implement and at the same time interesting enough. So I was thinking what was the most interesting but possible thing many people asked for and 3rd person camera came to my mind.

And now we have big dilemma. Our intention was always to create very immersive game and part of that was 1st person view and first person combat. To create good 1st person combat is a very challenging task, so we want you to play the game this way. On the other hand as a side product of implementing 1st person combat, we have very good looking 3rd person view as well which animators use during development.

The game looks great from 1st person and I believe, that its much more immersive, but on the other hand, the chance to see your hero sometimes, or ride a horse from 3rd person would be cool. I was originally strongly against it, because I thought that it would make our effort on 1st person stuff worthless, but now I dont think that is the case. Its the same as giving people more cameras in racing game.

Just to explain a little. The 3rd person would be available outside, on horse and during combat. In interiors, we would most likely switch to 1st person, because collisions are problem and interiors are usually bigger in 3rd person games, so since we aim for accuracy and our interiors could be very cramped, that would be only exception.

So what do you think? Feel free to tell us your opinion under the poll.

  • Yeah! Do it! 3rd person view is a dream come true!
  • No way! This will ruin the uniqueness of the game!
  • I am OK with that, but I will play it in 1st person anyway.
  • I dont care. Give me a choice and I will decide what I prefer more.

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Just a suggestion - maybe it would be good to do a kickstarter update about this poll, so more people will notice. This is quite a big thing and I think it would be good if as many backers as possible participated.


Best possible option by me is to have both. I’m using FPS view everytime I can, but having other options is nice.


Didnt expect that, since you always said first person is more immersive. But Its a pretty good step you take!
You got my respect for being flexible and not fixed onto the first person camera.
Many people requested third person and some even wont play a game when its first person only.

I’m on your side and think first person is more immersion but horseriding or combat on third person would be pretty nice also to see the character and everything he’s got on, it would showcase the clothing system even more.

I think an extra perspective would add a lot to the game and was requestet often although you said its going to be first person only. So many people would be happy with more camera perspectives.

Many games have multiple camera options nowadays and I think the game wont lose any immersion if you’d add a third person option! Nonetheless every first person fan should be able to play the game in first person only.

So I’d vote for yes!


I am okay with an optional third person camera mode, I will play it first person. I like the way it is done in operation flashpoint and the Arma series, there is also a third person mode available, but on higher difficult levels (hardcore mode) it can not be used. So the possibility to turn it of in the menu would maybe be a great idea too.
As long as i am not interested in an third person view mode, i think many gamers will be happy about this option and kingdom come: deliverance will get more costumers. I think this is a good thing considering to the budget of the second and third act.
So yes: I am fine with an optional 3rd person camera stretchgoal. As long as it is optional, it don´t ruin the game. :blush:


Yes, the game is immersive but from what I saw in the first alpha release it also has very strong cinematic characteristics as well. I’ll fight and craft in first person but would love to see a 3PV option as well when exploring.


I wouldn’t mind getting a view of my character every now and then, but will play in first person 99% of the time, so as long as the first person option is not minimized for third in any way it sounds good.


But Kingdom Come: Deliverance isnt multiplayer. Who cares that anybody gets more or less kills?


I like looking at my characters from time to time but I can do that in the inventory or during dialogs. I wouldn’t use it for fighting or horse riding.


I don’t mind, though I will most likely end up using it like I do in Arma. For screenshots of my character and traveling long distances.

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War of Roses has 3rd and it doesnt look or feel bad.
Changable FOV would be nice, why not? Some games has that option, I thnk.
They (we) still do. It is just matter of opinion what you tolerate.
ARMA has 3rd and it is definetly a realistic game.
IL-2 Sturmovik has it too and thats a hradccore simulator.

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Then I have no idea what you ment by that FOV :- (
No, it wasnt joke. Just an example that even games with 3rd view could be still realistic (simulators counts as realistic right?).

The only reason i would want a third person view would be for taking awesome screenshots of my guy and all his armor.


I don’t know how to feel about that. While I could live with it I’m actually opposed to the idea.

I would rather have you doing one thing perfectly than two things just to have two. Personally, I would prefer a full 1st person experience for this game (which includes even cutscenes). There is certainly a difference not only in perspective for the player but also how a game plays.

I think a possiblity to zoom out to 3rd person just for screenshots and for admiring you fancy armor would be cool. But everything else (aka actual gameplay) should stay 1st person. Wasn’t that one of the unique selling points from the very start?

And I also guess that adding a “full” 3rd person mode might increase your work load by quite a fair margin. I think your vision and concept is already ambitious enough, why making it even bigger? Don’t overstretch yourself and please don’t water down your concept. As I’ve said above: rather do one thing good than two things just for the sake of having two things…


well it depends, i do third person for knight, and first for man at arms. i think this lets the knight be more accurate with his huge weapons, and allows you to be really crazy and disorienting with the hunting knife as maa.

Good day every one!
This game anyway will be beatifull, but i want sometimes to play games like this, a mean about mount and blade, skyrim and other on 3d person camera and sometimes on first. Becourse when u can change armor or closing u can see it, and it gives u somegood feels. Ive plaed all version arma and operation flashpoint, and there u can change camera. So, maybe in KCD do like these, i mean u could change camera to 1 or 3 person, it wuld be great who playing on 1 and 3 person and who often change (like me) camera!))))
it would be great if u add these change camera system in the game.
Thank u!
Regard Miras

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So you finally let moans gets under your skin.

What will be next? Option to become the king, own a castle and find a hidden treasure with katana in it? /rage

Implement the option to look on character in 3rd person view while steady just for sake of all fashion enthusiasts, but not as gameplay option, please.


I doubt that ArmA is still realistic when using 3rd person view. I know it from DayZ. It’s casual game then, and it’s practically kind of cheating and very easy to play when you can see around the corners, over the fences and so on. In 1st person it’s completely different experience, realistic one.


yes, of course, it is. But you can choose by yourself if you want to have the realistic full immersion experience or the more causal one. I don´t have a problem if people want to play with 3rd person view, exspecially in single player.
In DayZ you have 1st person servers, where only 1st person gaming is allowed, you can not even take your 3rd person character on a 1st person server, so if you want to have an realistic experience you can. I don´t see the problem here?


I like that the game is mostly being designed for a first person perspective, I see it working especially well for reaction based gameplay segments. However for the more slower paces segments (ie: Exploring, long traveling, enjoying the view, ect…) an optional 3rd person view would be very much appreciated. If there’s a good variety of ways to customize the player character’s looks it would also be nice to be able to view those changes through a 3rd person camera instead of having to go to the character sheet.

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