Warfare skill progress stuck at Lvl 19, no progress after weapons / urnamed skill reach LVL 20


Hello, im playing on PC patch 1.2.5 and i met strange bug, i reached Level 19 in Warfare and 99% of next level, but i can get last 1%… I got always this skill through fighting, but no any more… 591 EXP of 620

And i really what to be sadist;) Get last perk…

Does somebody reach full level 20?


Weird… Maybe try a different kind of weapon?


I trained with bernard too, with more that 1 weapon type… Should unarmed improve this skill too?


According to this, yes… https://kingdomcomedeliverance.wiki.fextralife.com/Warfare


Maybe it is bugged because i have Strenght, Agility and Vitality at 20 and Sword, Axe,Defence and mace too… Only unarmed i have at Lvl 16… I just train half a hour and still no progress at all…


Ok, i was able to gain 5 XP points through 20 minutes of urnamed combat training, im now lvl 18… But this EXP formula is annoying, im not sure, maybe you just need some specific move to improve this skill…


Ok now im 604 of 620 and UrArnamed is lvl 20 and no progress at all, so its bugged, bad code again :frowning:

coders of this game are lamers…


Woah! Here I thought I was the only one!
It galls me to no end, myself. I, as well, have all combat skills save the Bow and aforementioned Warfare maxed - and the latter is precisely at 604/620 experience as well.
I even raised my Archery from 0 to 7 already, hoping it would put some points into Warfare :smiley: Nothing changed yet, regretfully.


Try using polearms, it had a hidden level system that you can improve but can’t see.


Tried it just now at an earlier save. Four stamina bars worth of spamming thrust with a practice halberd didn’t budge the warfare - meanwhile just three thrusts with a sword raised it by several points.

It seems Warfare increases by exp gains in Sword, Mace, Axe and Unarmed - slowing down substantially as you get closer to the max. So 20 sword can get you, idk, like 15 warfare, 20 sword and axe gets you 18, then mace 19 and unarmed…19 and 97% :smiley:
Seems the formula has to be tweaked a bit.


So bug could be replicated and anybody could max out perks now…

Unless is there some console command to fix it… Its just how many, 3 thurts, if it would work?


What…what are you talking about?
The bug is that you can’t max out Warfare - it gets stuck at 604/620 experience which is 97% progress to level 20, that is the max.
And, uh, I meant several EXPERIENCE points. Obviously not levels of the skill. As contrast to using a halberd - which did not affect Warfare like mw2ruinslives suggested.


What you’re describing doesn’t sound like a bug at all, it sounds like that’s how the system works. As you level up your skill in various weapons, your Warfare skill goes up along with it. For your Warfare skill to hit 20, you’re probably going to need to skill up all if not most of your various weapon skills to 20. If you’re ignoring one of those weapon skills (like Bow) then you can’t generate enough XP from the remaining others to cap your Warfare skill.

So work on your Bow. You can’t very well expect to be called as master of Warfare if you’re ignoring your Bow, can you?


Mhm. I thought so as well. That’s why earlier I had already mentioned, in attempt to rectify that, I’d raised my Archery level from 0 to 7 - to no avail. Still 604.
Can’t say what’ll happen by 20 Archery, but for now it does indeed look like a bug.


No, its bug i have all weapon skill at lvl 20.


Same bug for me, I am stuck at 604/620 for warfare at level 19.


Try support contact email for cheat to add those 16 EXP points, i dont think that this needs a patch.


Using the Cheat mod on Nexus, I searched for all skills and discovered that there is a skill called “weapon_dagger”. Setting that to level 20 gets Warfare the final bit of XP to get it to level 20. I’ll have to do some testing now to see if stealth killing people with a dagger might level it up within the game. Otherwise, the fix would be for someone to open up this skill tree again, similar to how someone did for Polearms.


So test it pleas, but from game quality state is other failed, hidden skill which is needed for progress. I have only few stealth dagger kills and afaik is not possible to use dagger in normal combat…


Yeah, I found out how to enable the slider for dagger XP to show (just change the “hidden” value to “False” in “skill.xml”, but you still can’t equip the dagger. I even changed all the values under the “weapon_class.xml” to have the dagger match a sword and it made no difference. There probably is something else that affects it somewhere that I might find eventually. However, I can confirm stealth killing does NOT add any XP.