Warhorse buyed by THQ Nordic


Today, one year after the release of Kingdom Come, it get public Warhorse was buyed by THQ Nordic.

So do you think it will be good for the next games (more money, more time, more people), or will it be worse for future projects (limited time, limited ideas, faster releases…)?


Yes, they got bought by Koch Media/Deep Silver which is a daughter company of THQ. I think the price was over 40 million euros. We will have to see wether this has a positive or a negative outcome. It depends on how they spend the 40 million. I gueass they pay back their investor/sponsor and spend the rest of the money to hire more people. And maybe the further releases of new games will get faster and cheaper since their publisher is now more or less the same company. I hope THQ will not have a big influence on the style of the games because I think KCD is pretty unique. It says in the article that WH is still independant but who really knows what that means and how it may look in a couple of year.


Bioware was the same opinion - be part of an publisher would give them all the money they need do develope through 5 years without any care where the next money comes from to continue with the development. DAO was a success for both - Bioware and EA. EA wanted the next Dragon Age Hit and had not any clue how RPG developments works. Bioware plunge into the Development from Dragon Age Exodus (2). But Bioware had to share the capacity for DA2 with Awakening and the other DLCs für Origins. And EA wanted a finished DA2 after only 2 years - a deadline that is not working with RPGs - to get as fast as possible the next success like DAO it was. But this deadline came with the “high” budget from the new Publisher in the back.
Dragon Age has lost his DarkFantasy claim, with some retcones to get more sales for EA and edges are gone (i.e. Brothel, grey areas in politic and culture systems, and so on. In DAI you never met a Demon of Temptation (Imshael does not count) like in DAO and DA2)
Well, I just wanted to say that.^^



What? The buyer pays the seller, not the company, or am I missing something?

I don’t see why the sellers should pour money into a company they don’t own anymore.


Think Tobi is saying the original investor should get paid back with this buy out. The remaining is new investment (game dev).

iow, don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg (game design that reaps 2M in sales)


He’s also mentions using the money to hire more people, so I still don’t think he knows what he’s talking about.


It’s known WH is hiring (eg right now for April testing of woman). WH has outgrown their current building. Pretty obvious there’s hiring going on in near term… mid-long term don’t know


Tobi or not Tobi, what he says doesn’t make sense.

Replying to your unedited post that said something like “It’s Tobi :eyes:


Depends how deep you take his comments. A loose reading isn’t irreconcilable. Tobi isn’t the CFO so reading his comments accordingly: yeah, pay back investors, hire some more to finish this off (this is verifiable ^), after that who knows but hope they don’t change things too much

^ - https://twitter.com/T0_8I/status/1094924646305153026


Vavra, Klima and the outside investor owned the company. They are getting paid by THQ Nordic. They will keep the money and not use them to hire new people to Warhorse. If more money is needed for that, it has to come from THQ Nordic.


So u believe there’s a hiring freeze the job want ad posted be damned?

testování nejnovějšího DLC


If THQ bought WH, then WH gets the money. And the development of KCD was mostly paid by backers and one guy (a czech millionaire). So I think with the money they will pay of their debts that they still have with this guy. Is it now understandable? :smiley: Sometimes the german sentences in my mind don´t make much sense in english :smile:


It’s ok. Sentences in my head don’t make sense in Korean, French or English


Are you not reading what I’m writing? If I buy your car you keep the money, and any future repairs will be paid by me, not by you. In this case, future hirings will be paid by THQ Nordic, or with money already in the Warhorse company.


Are you reading what I wrote? Dont take such a literal reading of what Tobi said.


No, Vavra & co. gets the money, right?


Do you know the terms and conditions of WH founding? If so, enumerate? Otherwise, you’re speculating

Co-founders might not get as much as you think. Depends on what got sacrificed in securing seed money


So, if I buy your car, you will leave the money in the glove compartment?


No, to get seed money, you at times have to give away ownership, future compensation,etc. Extent of this calculation not public with respect to WH

If you’re American, this dynamic is the ‘drama’ behind Shark Tank