Warhorse buyed by THQ Nordic


Not 100%. The company has bank account and the CEOs can spend money from this account. So Vavra & co. can decide what to do with the money, but they don´t get it directly.


This means they can manage it but it’s not theirs personally


I’m outta here.



Warhorse was owned by Bakala (investor), Klíma and Vávra.
It was bought by THQ Nordic so prevosus owners got the money.
Now THQ Nordic is the owner of Warhorse. And Klíma and Vávra are just employees.


Is it really true?

But one of the biggest disasters by THQ was, the killing of STALKER during 2003/2004


Indeed, the money should be paid to the shareholders of WH who sold their shares to the new owner, not to WH itself.


In the german article that i read was written, that THQ said WH is independant an Vavra & co. stay as the CEOs.


Yes they still work at the same positions as before, but they are no longer shareholders of the company.
But I would not say they are independent. THQ Nordic probably ment that they will let the studio to make independent creative decision (and I hope they will), but they don’t have to, they are the owners.


THQ/Deep Silver and independent … These are words that don’t fit together -.-
In my eyes, especially Koch Media, is a disaster publisher!

But I still hope/wish the best for WH future…


I have mixed feelings about this, THQ Nordic doesn’t publish AAA games usually so I fear the quality of KC:D 2 could get worse. I was hoping for warhorse to stay independent like CDPR and finance itself while my favorite publisher would have been Take 2 (owns Rockstar Games).



Wrreckfest for example was developed by Bugbear and after 5 years in early access THQ joined them (not shure just as publisher or more…) and the game made huge improvements and was released in less then a year. Don´t think to pessimistic guys. Vavra knows what he´s doing - at least i hope so.


Yes, it’s possible the new owner could do a lot of stupid things. And, THQ could undermine Martin and Daniel. That’d be a pretty good way to mess up their investment


Per THQ Nordic press release:
‘Warhorse will continue to act as an independent studio under Koch Media.‘

What does independent mean for any studio with said arrangement? WH won’t be the first


I thought they have always been at THQ Nordic which is one group with Deep Silver and Koch Media. And yes they are a very good publisher.


i believe it means koch will handle marketing and distribution while warhorse will still develop their games themselves hopefully with little to no influence. from my experience, a lot of these types of partnerships may result in things like exclusive access or editions or whatever for stores/services associated with the parent company.

it’s annoying but i don’t care as long as the game itself is left alone


So the next part will be one year exclusive to Epic store as metro Exodus? I hope they will not pull similar shenanigans here.


We’ve seen that in the past^^


Well I was a long time backer, until now. Thanks for the ride and good luck in retirement all those that were known as WH.


unfortunately I totally see creativity being taken away and the future releases being noticeably different. I hope not because there truly isn’t a game quite like this, definitely no on console.

On the other hand if they just provide funding and manpower and keep WH in charge of everything else it could be dope.


Yes. Exactly.