Warhorse buyed by THQ Nordic


Agreed. Much needs to be done though. I take all the Kickstarter targets that didn’t make their way into KCD to be disappointments. If you like spin, there are opportunities for improvement. Keep the core and add the targets, I expect the next product(s) will be excellent if not sublime

Concerned about the (next) engine


The topic on steam discussing the acquisition was locked:

I don’t use steam discussions very much. Who is locking the topics?


Seems like someone doesn’t like grousing about Epic store exclusives


Hopefully the new owners will not meddle with KCD. They should allow WH to act as an independent subsidiary company, able to design new KCD games as they see fit. KCD has a winning strategy and it shouldn’t be altered. It should be similar to when Bethesda bought Id Software, they allowed them to have almost 100% free reign over the design of new Doom games.


I’d like to see a reaction on this topic from warhorse. How they see the future. Although it would be political correct instead of open and fair I suppose…

We’ll see what the time brings but I’m a bit afraid it will suck.


If THQ Nordic tries to mess with things by forcing WH to design KCD2 to be more like say, Skyrim, then I will probably pass on buying. I dont want the main character to be a hero-like Dragonborn guy, a total badass from the beginning. And please, no overt magic (alchemy is OK, as well as hinting at witchcraft, incantations, etc).The combat shouldnt be dumbed down or sped up either, this isnt Dark Souls. Skyrim in itself is a great game, and it’s OK for WH to try to incorporate some of its’ elements, but dont imitate it.


Well, isn’t THQ the company that put Metro Exodus on Epic exclusively? If so then it’s bad… VERY bad. I hope I’m wrong about it, since I love KCD and bought all the DLCs… I’d hate to think I couldn’t buy it’s sequel because it’s on Epic only. I was excited about Metro Exodus until they did just that, and I ended up passing on it. I won’t reward a company for trying to bring console-like exclusivity to PC.


I hope this doesn’t affect the dev team in the near-future. There’s currently a game-breaking bug that was introduced by the 1.8.1 patch which is causing many players to crash to desktop repeatedly. The game is currently unplayable for many KCD players and I hope this acquisition doesn’t affect the teams working to fix it!


Like every other game, i guess it is a fault from Nvidia and AMD drivers.
Like it is in many many old titles (I’m talking not about games were older than 2 years)
Battlefront 2 is crashing on every first start of a match on my pc. And it can only be my Nvidia card.
And there are many other games were got problems after a specific driver update.
Gothic 2 L’Hiver mod is getting a graphical problem after returning from valley of Mines to Khorinis
And Mafia 1 with only one replaced file will get a random crash too.


Death of Warhorse.

Expect xray vision, cutscenes taking control of the player away for 30 mins, quicktime events, microtransactions and party hats whuch cost more than the DLC for KCD2.


me too. April is testing of a woman’s lot. hope such a communication happens by May if not earlier


I can well imagine this is good for the core team and the investors. I have never seen something like this turn out well for the fans. There is always a first time I guess.


With Kickstarter, backers had a minor stake in the company and also a voice. WH could’ve embraced a new backer-player model… one that reached out to its captive audience and responded to the feedback (within limits). That fantasy was on life support last year (eg WH flirted with re-engaging backers). Now though that fantasy seems dead with the THQ acquisition.


Probably,… there will be no Kickstarter campain for the future games of WH. What a pity!
KCD had some really cool stuff for backers.
There is another point: Some high backers should get the next part of the game for free…??
Will this happen with THQ?


I will definitely not buy an Epic store shit. Steam exclusive is already a reason to boycott a game. I only buy good old DRM-free builds!!!


That’s just silly fantasy of yours. You are naive if you think Vávra would continue working in WH with anybody behind his back telling him what and how to do anything.


If they do, we will cause a ruckus about it. Pitchforks and all!


This is what I want to know.

The terms of the agreement between THQ and WH likely have no stipulations about was was initially promised to the Higher end backers.

It was a fun ride but it looks like this hype train stops at the platform of corporate gaming.


I dont want to know what all this means for the upcoming Mod Support


I’m quite sure they will provide mod support and such.

@warhorse please make a statement about this subject. Then we all know what to think about it