Warhorse buyed by THQ Nordic


Mod-Support is confirmed an will come…


I mean about the THQ subject. I want to hear what warhorse have to say. Everyone has an opinion and a voice but they’re the only one I haven’t hear yet. It’s weird they don’t release a statement right?


sorry. only in cz https://video.aktualne.cz/dvtv/prodej-warhorse-budeme-dal-delat-hry-jsme-zvykli-na-svobodu/r~44e34f70305711e9813eac1f6b220ee8/


THQ Nordic is an austrian publisher who also released “Elex” and as a collaboration with Deep Silver they released the “Risen” series and “Gothic 3” too. All of them are the best RPGs ever made.


Well I don’t speak cz unfortunately. They should do an English version as well. In my opinion of course


yeah it is clear that it will come but how restricted it will be?


Very interesting… just the body language. Want to know what was said circa the time Martin and interview took sip of water at about same time. THQ related questions (towards end) elicited different body language or Martin was getting tired


I’ve been noticing some CTDs.

As for bigger companies taking over. I’ve read that book before and it hasn’t turned out well much.

Biggest one that was a downer was Warner/Disney? buying LucarArts and shutting it down a few years later. Now, they won’t even let you mod an old LA game even if you aren’t charging.


Yes, I can confirm that Mod support will come. We can´t say at what detail yet, as Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very complex game, but we want to have modding support as open and community friendly as possible.

As you can see, it is part of our roadmap:


But I would prefer to have official HUD customization in the game menu options instead that I have to use a mod and wait when someone created one.


Hud customization is already available with mods. Although I definitely prefer mods over just official hud customization… possibilities with mod support are endless and with official custom hud, yea that’s just only that.


The past since the beginning of computer games shows that bought-up companies do not live long. The developer studios are driven to the wall, the programmers disperse in all wind directions. Money rules the world.


I don’t want to use HUD mods. I want official HUD options. Mods only for fine tweaking.


is there a lot of games (aside from mmo and such) where you can customize the hud without mods?


The best games haven’t even HUD or a very tiny HUD by default, so a customization is not neccessary. But due to the fact that KCD have annoying HUD elements, here must be a customization.

MMOs are overloaded with HUD. I don’t play these games.


A Statement:

Google Translation:


Als wir den Co-Publishing-Deal mit Deep Silver vor einigen Jahren unterschrieben, haben sie uns ziemlich freie Hand gelassen, gleichzeitig aber wertvolle Ratschläge mit auf den Weg gegeben. Die Akquisition ist der logische nächste Schritt nach einer jahrelangen fruchtbaren Zusammenarbeit. Wir sind uns sicher, dass das Team nur davon profitieren kann, wenn wir künftig noch enger miteinander arbeiten. Dank der tollen Unterstützung, die wir damals wie heute bekommen, werden wir gemeinsam noch höher hinaus schießen.

Usual words. This is what every other free studio has said before too and they changed everything, especially the communication bewteen them and fans and now we are here in the forum …
And now I’m curious how much longer. This article says nothing!

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buyed is incorrect. Bought is correct.


Spiele eines Studios werden mit der Zeit selten immer besser. Die Realität zeigt eher, dass die Erstlingswerke, die noch unter schwierigeren Bedingungen und weniger Budget entstanden, die besten Spiele sind. Danach versucht man immer nur noch mehr Profit herauszuholen und eine breitere Zielgruppe anzusprechen. Je größer ein Studio wächst und je mehr Budget es zur Verfügung hat, umso schlechter werden oft die Spiele. Und wenn dann noch ein Investor die Freiheit der Entwickler einschränkt, ist der Untergang einer einst grandiosen Spielefirma vorbestimmt. THQ Nordic ist ja zum Glück nicht wie EA oder Ubisoft. Sie publishen eher die kleineren Projekte und lassen den Entwicklern ihre Freiheit. Aber dieses Gerede wie “wir arbeiten noch enger zusammen” usw. das hat in der Realität selten wirklich einen positiven Effekt erzielt.