WarHorse @ Gamescom 2017


Right now, it doesn’t really appear as though we will.

But the Doc did confirm that there would be a new demo in the press area;

Uncertain whether that involves never before seen content though, or simply a re-hashing of what’s already been seen at E3. Which thus far, is the majority of what’s coming out of the convention


Yes, I also saw many people saying they don’t like the combat. IMO the combat feels way better when played than when you see it on the video so I’m not particulary concerned about that. The problem is that people are used to “hollywood” effects in combat, so mere sword figthing doesn’t excite them, especially not on a video. Another thing is that I really don’t understand why Warhorse shows combat on those almost immortal NPCs with boosted stats, which take forever to kill. Tobi speaks in the presentation about how an opponent without armor or part of it can be killed by one hit while playing a video in which the player bashes NPCs indefinitely and an opponent that gets hit by an arrow to the head just stand up like if nothing happened. WTF? Why they don’t demonstrate what they say? I saw many people who thought that every fight will be like 15 minutes long.


Toby and ESO :slight_smile: This is gamescom livestream by Twitch
Time: 3:26:45


I found another one in german


wow! :smiley: they have protection!!!


Interview with Dan… so give it a try… :slight_smile: Interview in English with german subs…


Seems they have showed current version of the same quest from the prototype that they were pitching to publishers many years ago. Is there the whole footage of it somewhere?


that would be great to see


Are characters in new build not different???


that’s my new favorite warhorse video to tide my over. lots of great high quality footage. and yes, please release whole footage of that quest if possible. it’s not spoiler since we’ve all seen it and would be great to see and compare how far the game has come.


80 quests and 20-30 hours. Interesting.


Everytime nice to hear that some people on a convention can play the first mission before backers can! XD Not everyone is able to arrive at GC.
Really… Thank you…
It seems to me that you do not care more and more about your backers.
But hey we can play the outdated beta. :rofl:


I feel your pain, but we just not have time for creating separate build with only first quest.
Even making the GC version, which is basically full game with some tweaks takes a fair chunk of time which could be spent on the final version.


yeah more insignificant words… but why not give backers some special artwork or similiar…
Map whatever but instead you (WH) come over and over again with some little words.
Same situation as with the release of first beta version and the posted map from some editors of PCGames or Gamestar. I think you are not in the situation to feel my pain.
And I am still so stupid and recommend some poeple to go on GC to your point.


Beautiful new gameplay … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS3i-01MD3o


What a catch… :slight_smile:


thank you :ok_hand: :heart:


Not really, 20-30 hours is only the main story, not all 80 quests.


This is livestream from Czech game magazine LEVEL. It is completly in Czech…sorry :slight_smile: They will start talking about KD:C at 59:19


Wow, it looks great. This singlehandedly dissolved all my concerns about cutscenes, facial animations and voice acting. There are still some imperfections, but they are imo nothing disruptive, and WH are still working on it, so it’s fair to asume the most obvious things will get improved (like stiff NPC bodies during dialogs). It’s weird when the actual game looks and sounds better than trailers.