WarHorse @ Gamescom 2017


Hey guys,

With Gamescom coming up next week in Cologne from the 22nd - 26th of August… no doubt WarHorse are going to have a presence there. So what can we expect to see during what is arguably the biggest gaming convention around?

Perhaps @Tobi or @DrFusselpulli can provide us with some insights?

I’m looking forward to seeing new in-game footage and content. Perhaps a new trailer or video update? …love to have some new UHD artwork / desktop wallpapers released as well. My monitor’s been screaming out for a new background for ages :smile:

General Gamescom discussion welcome on this thread as well.

I’ll kick us off. I know CDPR are going to be there, but I’m not holding my breath that we’ll see anything new on Cyber. :disappointed_relieved: Tis the year of Gwent afterall

So what’s everyone else really hanging out for?


Gamescom 2017 Trailer: "Born From Ashes!"

Yes, we will be on Gamescom on the Deep Silver Booth in the public area in Hall 9.1 / Booth B011
And in the press area on Hall 4.2 / A040
And our new trailer “Born From Ashes!” was just released :slight_smile:


nice and what are you going to show on Gamescom? new demo?


Yes, we will show a new demo in the press area, and in the public area people can play the first quest of the game. :slight_smile:


As in, what’s already been demo’d at E3?

So no additional or new content?


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Yea saw that, I was talking specifically about what was hands-on for the public.

New demo for the press sounds interesting though, and hopefully they get a lot of coverage of that over the coming weeks.


They may do another live stream with it


Yes, it will be a hands on for the visitors of the quest which we have shown on E3. But you can move freely in Skalice, you don´t have to do the quest.


Thanks as usual Doc


WOW! Looking good… :slight_smile:


Yea wow… the booth looks amazing :smile:


Sexy as fuck! :heart:




Here is another one


this video is in germany :slight_smile: [quote=“Floyo, post:15, topic:33694, full:true”]
Here is another one


Great presentation! I’m not sure if it is just my feeling or perhaps better edited video, but the combat looks somehow better. It looks faster, the hits have visible effects (blood) and it felt more fluid. Also NPC went running fast at the player with a bow? The presentaion definitely made a lot better impression on me than anything shown at the E3.


Can you break a shield or helmet or even weapon? Will it fall off opponent?
How are relationships between NPCs when they are different nations? Are they preset enemies, or can they become friends/neutral? Do they speak to each other during battle like when you hear your opponents cursing on you?
The combat looks cool by the way.


Agreed, there were definite improvements in some of what was shown.

Still some inconsistencies though. For instance, around the 2:09 mark you’ve got Henry brandishing a mace in the arena mode (which could actually be old E3 footage anyway) he clearly strikes the head of the opponent, with seemingly no resulting impact or damage. The enemy looks to be wearing a type of skull cap, but even still a heavy mace strike to the head should incapacitate him (even if it’s only momentarily).

I’m sure these little details will be tweaked and balanced prior to release.

The greater coverage the better :slight_smile:

EDIT: A lot of people hating on how ‘clunky’ & ‘slow’ the combat looks and feels (been keeping an eye out over at IGN). Read some comments about how it looks very restrictive in a two-on-one or many-to-one combat scenario as well… Combat is going to be the one critical piece that either makes or breaks KCD.


are we going to be seeing any new gameplay?