WarHorse @ Gamescom 2017


The biggest “problem” is lip sync :slight_smile: and they still have few months to fix it :slight_smile: and ofc NPC bodies during dialogs…


I’m honestly satisfied with how it is now. I didn’t notice anything that would be totaly out of sync. Show me a game of this scale with perfect lip sync. I’m happy they improved tha actual face animation and that NPC don’t speak like Pingu anymore (like in Andromeda).



yes yes they do lots of amazing work! :slight_smile: but sometimes…lip sync doesn´t work. In my opinion this is one of the best game if we talk about graphic.

and here…11:13 soldier start talking with closed mouth. This are that small things what I mean :slight_smile:


Looks great… except for it being a little bit strange that Henry appears differently armoured and dressed in the gameplay compared to the cutscene at the stud farm.

Everything else looked solid though.


I am not completely sure, but this might be edited footage of the quest.
So it might be that the cutscenes are from different play session than the gameplay.

But I can assure you that both cutscenes are in-game and the Henry will be identically clothed as he is in the game.


Some interesting points (that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere):

-game is feature complete, focus now on bugfixing

  • due to AI and quest branching debug is proving to be hard
  • expect day 1 patch as console versions have to be finalized months in advance

What they didn’t like:

  • lip sync
  • long (quoted as 5 minutes) horse ride in silence as a part of the quest
  • lack of character introductions (in the demo only)

What they liked:

  • voiceovers quality
  • quest branching & writing promising
  • landscapes
  • Vavra Lord saying “KURWA” :slight_smile:


you are right :slight_smile:


That footage must be from the graphically downgraded console version.


probably :slight_smile: I am not sure about it


I understood. But what I did not is if 80 quests in total or just main story.


80 side quests :slight_smile:


This looks cool. The enemy there is very fast, that is exactly what I needed to see, so we can enjoy some real fighting. No slow motion.


About Lord Vávra… he is Hanush (Peter Hosking) and was speaking to Radzig (Michael Pitthan).


Here is another view on the same quest with commentary.


Has it been officially confirmed this is actual PS4 footage?

It’s just that Playstation Access also did a video like this from E3 back in June that said it was PS4 gameplay…and the Community Manager of this forum actually told me the footage was in fact recorded from a PC version:


It is possible, while they were playing themselves on computers… I do not see reason why would WHS give away downgraded records of PS4 and Xbox. But I could be wrong and we may need another approval.


This time it is very likely it is actual PS4 footage. Several journalists at GC said that they could choose which platform they want to play (pc, xbox, ps4), so all versions were playable. And when you look at the youtube, there are actually at least two different versions of the playthrough. That french xbox channel which was posted earlier has a different video than this ps4 channel. These videos are prerecorded and provided by Warhorse, and there is no reason for doing two slightly different recordings unless it is meant to demonstrate how it looks like on different platforms.


Aha, so the other one was also provided by WHS. Now it all makes sense, thanks for clearing that out.


As far as I know, the speed of fighting animations is dictated by RPG system, which takes into consideration skill levels of both player and enemy… More skilled your character is, slower/easier the combat is for you as a player. (thay said that window for sucessfull block is influenced by player skill).
BTW KC is supposed to have only one difficulty option. So I expect that modders will tweak this system for various tastes…

Slow motion still kicks in on perfect blocks, I believe. Somebody will mod it out for sure…


Seems this guy has some complains. Any Pole here willing to share what they said?