WarHorse @ Gamescom 2017


I think it is not an downgraded console version… This is KCD on all platforms.
With the engine updates the game lost more realism in world representation.
In the first scene where Henry comes into services, the scene was better in his old state (First Live Stream with Dan and Victor). Massively cuted and i know that the answer will be, “it was changed for the story” or “is a reason of story editing in dev time”. I can say, that was the reason why i wanted the publishers version in the past. Oh same with the scene at horse stables! Atmosphere was much much better!
It seems typically for east european studios to cut her own games heavy.
Yeah i know it was alpha state but cuting npc’s in the castle!? What was so bad on the old scene?! Can’t understand such decisions!
Then still too many glitches with the armors and clothes layer.
Next the Horse riding, if the player starts sprinting and camera looked to riding direction
it looks like an lag riding
Starts sprinting with horse, SOMEWHERE HERE IT LOOKS LIKE LAG, horse is sprinting. It isn’t an real lag, the player in video looked at right side and still sprinting forward and everything looks okay!?


Video in German starts at: 01:01:00

Tobi tells us something about

  • 60FPS
  • PS4 Gameplay
  • differences between KS Video (Quest Neuhof) and the new QuestVideo about Neuhof


Dude, you seem to be ripe for refund :wink:


Some nice screenshots check out this spanish site : http://www.3djuegos.com/noticias-ver/173423/kingdom-come-deliverance-se-deja-ver-en-espectaculares/


Thanks for the great find! Really love the cutscenes, some great direction there. Lipsync does not bother me too much, but could be improved for sure.

The combat improved a lot as far as I can tell. It was great to see the bandit run fast to Henry and start beating the shit out of him. And he didn’t get stuck on the wall during the chase. Though then he ran after Henry to an area with 4 other soldiers, not very smart, but that would be nitpicking :slight_smile:


Not a pole (haha) but what I got is that they don’t think the game can be finished in time (due too AI bugs etc…), deem the game is too ambicious. Feels too rough around the edges considering the current development stage/timeframe.

They don’t like the combat system at all saying that while the intentions were good the execution is lacking (combat feels too stiff, too slow).

Long horse ride as part of the quest is too boring even though the landscape is nice.

Face anims are bad, likening them to TES: Oblivion, anims too stiff.

Fair points in my opinion, even though they’re perhaps too radical about it.


However other journalists voted KCD as best game of 2017, so general oppinion will be different.


Could you briefly translate to us what he said about those interesting topics?


@Pesci sorry very briefly…
form Interview with Gamestar and Tobi

– Internal Builds already runs with 60FPS
– Build smooth playable on GTX960 mid-range GPU.
– At Gamescom were 6PCs and 2 PS4 Pro for testing the Game in the Press area. PS4Pro runs with 50+ FPS
– Fighting System: Changes from Beta to newest Build. No changes in core system. Better animations, some improvements in UI (indicator to find “Perfect Block” Moment), smoother fighting.
– No VR-Support.
– MOD-Support after release. But no more detailed info.

Optimization and Work still in Progress


It looks like some of the shading is missing. Notably the grass and the bow. Buggy screenshots?


I don’t really care about graphics (as long as a game looks half-decent), so it doesn’t concern me, but I think there is little doubt that the game graphics were significantly downgraded. I mean, their prerecorded videos provided to press and even trailers look worse than random videos on youtube from 3 years old alpha.


Nevertheless, I’ll reserve final judgement untill next year after the first patch for the release version has been dispatched.


So there is no chance we will ever be able to play the gamescom build? You might think, that because we backed the game so early we would also get a chance to play this build, also as a reward.

Now I know Warhorse has said they don’t want to create a seperate beta build to save money and time. But considering they already have a build for gamescom. Couldn’t they update the steam alpha to a beta with this build? Again, as a reward for early backers.


That’s the same as after E3. If they would give exactly this to people, someone would immediatelly get “past the fence”, trigger some quests that are not yet finished etc. If they want to hide something from people, they would have to remove it from the build. And that’s not as easy as it sounds, because when you remove something, then something else can break etc. After all, it would require time that they don’t have.


No, they couldn’t. As @Kaven mentions, it has been said many times, the build they have at gamescom is the whole game with some kind of ingame limits applied. It is not possible to just cut out a certain part from the game and let backers play it, because it would all break down. And they can’t release full game with ingame limits like the version at Gamecom, because players would inevitably got access to the whole (unfinished) game.


Well even if people would get past the invisible wall, they only problem would be potential spoilers. That said I have to agree with you.

Although I just hoped they would do something more for the backer community, this forum.
I mean, not everyone can go to gamescom or any other event, most info that hits these forums comes from different sources without any official word from warhorse.
I’m not saying they a treating their community like crap, but I am hoping for something more to keep me interested till 2018.


After every event like this Tobi live streams presentation of the exact same thing they showed to the journalists, so I expect it will be the same even this time.


It looks like it, but it can be because footage is form PS4, but I don’t know.


But the footage from E3 was confirmed to be from PC and it looks very similar.


Really? What footage is confirmed to be from pc version?