WarHorse @ Gamescom 2017



Interesting article about KD:C from gamescom :slight_smile:



Well, I’ve played the latest version at GamesCon (on PC).
And I can confirm that the PC version is nothing more than a sloppy console port now. :frowning:

Everything has been downgraded massivly. I do not even know where to start. I’ve only played for 15 minutes but noticed many changes on the visuals. All for the worse sadly. A few example: Textures and objekts are popping in right in front of you now. The Maximum view distance is about 5 meters, but you can turn it down to 3 or less in the settings. The LOD objects are looking horrible, even worse than in TES4 Oblivion from 2005… Grass will pop in right in front of you, the draw distance for grass is even worse than for static objects. Also textures are flickering heavily (switching very low resolution textures with even lower resolution textures back and forth)… Thanks to the smal view distance it will be impossible to not notice. -> Rendering the hole sreen in a flicker feast. The animations have not been improved at all, there are sooooo many bugs with clothes and everything. Antialiasing is either broken or just imlpemented very badly. And all of this is just the top of it. There are many, many more things that have been DOWNGRADED!

I just can say it out loud here, same as I tell everyone; Don’t buy this downgraded pile of junk code. Thanks warhorse studios for letting us down


Special GamesCon. build, ne? :thinking:


I grab it and laugh about it on sunday alone.

Thank you for confirmation… but it was logical.
Also nothing else than other studios.
I will never buy a game again which is Multi-Platform.
How well that i saved all the other versions.

Daily bump for the publishers version!


Well there is still hope, that the changes was made to make Gamescom build to run better, but we will see on release.


If this is true I will be very disappointed. So many years of waiting.

I trusted these guys from the day 0 but lately they’re lacking of communication, and I’m starting to have trust issues after so many bad comments. :confused:

Anyone else can confirm?


I also thought that the riding part was to quiet. I would at last expect some ot the soldiers to chat a little bit until the captain stops it because it gets to loud or to distracting.


@DrFusselpulli can we request a refund after game is released after few hours in case we are dissapointed ?


3AM troll :slight_smile:


Let’s hope so


I also think he is a troll. Why no one else bothered to mention it?


And why should I troll? I’ve been waiting for this game since 2012 and can’t even put in words how disappointing, frustrating and sad this was for me. All the art and beauty of earlier versions flushed down the toilett. Belive it or not, but I can guarantee that the game was dumped down in allmost every visual aspekt.

Im wondering myself why nobody is really talking about it. Maybe they are fine with the PS4 version, maybee the havn’t had a look at the beta/alpha versions. I really don’t know. But I’ve seen it for myself and it’s ugly now. Sorry for bringing that to you.


the game was dumped down in allmost every visual aspekt.

I’ve been waiting for this game since 2012

And that matters why? Why should graphics ever matter? I’ve been waiting for something like this since I was six years old. That was fifteen years ago. If you really liked this game, graphics should mean sweet fuck all. I remember Oblivion was an ugly mess, and it was an amazing game. Sure, you can say, '‘it was the limitations of the time,’'but I have fond memories of it. Skyrim is fucking hideous, looks the same as Oblivion except everyone looks like they’re covered in shit and haven’t bathed in centuries. And people love it. If graphics is all that matters to make a game good, not the story, not the characters, nothing but graphics, then there only maybe five games I can say are good by that standard alone: Crysis, The Witcher 3, Uncharted, GTAV, and possibly No Man’s Sky.


lol why are you guys even entertaining that 2 post user who despite being a fan since 2012 just joined up today.

most likely he’s part of the rabble who took notice after kindom come won best pc game at gamescom and is deciding to stir some shit for kicks

just look at the footage and judge for yourself. it looks fine to me. i’m not seeing the 5 meter popping as he described, and the textures look just fine to me on the pc builds. if he was really at gamescom, he would have talked about those problems with the devs, instead he posts some nonsense on the forum after joining yesterday. not trustworthy.


Hi, I recently read czech preview, stating that PC version still looked very good with just few minor hiccups or pop-ins, and ran much better than our beta. But PS Pro version had some horrible pop-in of textures and such. In the same review it was also mentioned, that Dan Vavra is very aware of this issue, and team of 20 people is already working on it.

So yeah, I think that calming your fucking horses would be good idea 3AMt, as we have quite some optimization time ahead of us… builds were probably heavily downgraded so they can be already played at decent FPS even now without finished optimizations.

I have not read much complains about PC versions tho, as they were reportedly working quite well


Out of interest, do you have a link to the preview? I agree that it would make sense to optimize Gamescon builds to be playable without any huge FPS issues - those would make the game look extremely bad.

Pop-ins of textures are pretty annoying in some of the videos, but honestly I played The Witcher 3 on 88 GB DRAM “computer” yesterday and there are still a lot of pop-ins even on the Ultra settings, they are just hidden pretty well. The extremely high framerate only makes them more noticable. So after some polishing I think KCD will be just as fine if not better.



Joined less than 1 day to forum. While it is not impossible that is downgraded, more people were asking this on forum here. But what strikes the most is that this is your first appearance. There are few youtubers who I follow and played the game but everyone mentioned graphics as good, and they played beta. I do not mean to disrespect even the negative truthful review, it just seems as intention here to troll those who seek answers but get very little response.


can we expect livestream from gamescom “demo”? :blush: what do you think?