WarHorse @ Gamescom 2017


Interview with @Hellboy in czech/slovak.

Several new things (for me) were said.

-When you kill someone and you won’t loot him, passerby NPC will be like “oh look, armor!” and steal it themselves.

-When you kill a cow (or any other animal) the loot won’t be 2 pieces of meat and milk, but 500kg of meat (depends on the weight of the animal). But you obviously can carry only small portion of it (Vavra gave example 30kg).

-You can try to take all the meat little by little and sell it or store it, but it will get bad fast and if you try to sell this much meat to merchants in a village, they won’t want it, because they will have too much of it.

-In alchemy it will be possible to create bogus potions that don’t work, like potion of love etc. You can sell them to people who believe in their power.


I like that tralier, very nice. Though it makes me despise Henry, the lazy thug!

@ Freix: those are interesting features, thanks for highlighting them.


Again, Mr. Vávra mentions gameplay: 30 main quests may take 20-30 hours. 80 all quests may take 40-50 hours.


Kudos for making it through that interview, I couldn’t stand the shitty sound.


:smile: :smile: https://twitter.com/T0_8I/status/902915503257210880
Gerald know what is good :smiley:


Kind of short in my opinion.


Could someone who speaks german write down in a few points what they say in this preview? Usualy google translate is enough, but in this case the result is totaly incomprehensible for some reason. I’m particulary interested in what they say about NPC behavior.


He talks about the progress of the game since the first alpha. Furthermore, he shared some memories about funny A.I. moments of alpha.

Later in the article he talks about the gamescom Build, nothing new here. Sometimes he introduces his personal impressions about some features.


Dan Vávra in ROG Podcast (about KC:D 1:30:13 but few minutes and 1:56:34 - 2:50:00) All in Czech :slight_smile:
My English is not good enough, so I will not write content of this video for you :pensive: But there are a lot of Czechs and Slovaks with really good English :slight_smile: so wait for them :smiley:


They give an example: If you fight with a NPC you can attract him to your friends(“hit and run”), which will beat him up. This is not realistic, but funny. Works simmilar like in Gothic, which they love.

The dialogs/cutsceens and their presentation is much better now (compared to the alpha). Maybe not so good like in Witcher3, but good enough.


Yea they showed this in one of the videos of the first quest.

I’m a little on the fence about the implementation of this. In some ways it really makes the AI look quite stupid… I mean, why would an enemy combatant blindly follow Henry back to the scene of the crime at the stables, only to get ambushed. And then attempt to stand and fight when completely outnumbered. It makes no sense

First sign of other armed guardsmen, the guy would high tail it out of there *or at least attempt to flee… Anyways, maybe I’m expecting too much


this is not from Gamescom :slight_smile: but also interesting :slight_smile:

and…btw :smiley: can we expect livestream from Gamescom build?


ESO vlogs
Vlog 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJakfhQQKp0
Vlog 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLmeAcYwDW0&feature=youtu.be&a=


According to Smejki, WH dev, this will be fixed.


What the fuck is this? 1998 camera combined with Parkinson’s? I am really trying to see it through but fuck.


yea…it is little bit creepy and that guy said something like “I dont have my top camera here”


Sadly what I expected, and this feeling has been evident since the beginning. I hope I’ll be wrong but… I expect they went at it “top down” (ie., make it as realistic as possible) instead of “bottom-up” (ie. this is gonna be with swords, and we need to make it fun and fluid). Sad, but hope they’ll learn from this game for their next one.