Warhorse Studios Makes A New Game: What would you want it to be?


i think that gothic 3 wasn’t planned as sandbox but to stay true to gothic 2, however it was unfinished and it turned that way.


This is the craziest idea for a game that i have ever heard of…
A fantasy gangster mix. GTA with paintable dragons that can fly into space and conquer planets. wow.


Whatever the game might be, feudal Japan sounds really well!

That said, they ultimately have to change the combat system into a more fluid one, albeit less “historically accurate”. That’s my 2 cents.

Something like Chivalry or M&B, although with less exploits and irritating tricks we have there (in Chivalry mostly).


Mafia III :male_detective:


I was drunk when i wrote this.

I’m sorry


A Viking game in my opinion needs longboats and those need a crew.
I’m curious how you would solve the problem of this RPG playing a young skandinavian man joning a crew of vikings and sail for example to England for a raid. For me it is obvious that the player couldn’t stroll around because as a youngster and one of the youngest crew members he is expected to do his share of the crew work.


Well I also had my doubts about a peasant mingling with high society like Henry does, but here we are.

I’m Sure warhorse can make it work.
And would it be bad for our character to do work? We need quests :wink:


A game where you play as a lord like in Crusader Kings 2 where you have to keep your dynasty alive for hundreds of years and you play as your heir when you die and stuff, and you must gain power through intrigue, diplomacy, and battle. However, instead of like in CK2, it’s in first person like in KCD and you have to eat to stay alive, again like in KCD. You design your personal castle/ manor, raise armies in times of war, and actually go speak to your vassals, court, and council. In battles and sieges you have your camp in which you can walk around and sleep in at night and see your soldiers walking around, and you can do things like go lead assaults, build ladders etc. In actual fighting in battle, you are on your horse commanding your forces around in first person. You should also be able to participate in tournaments for honor and glory. In the tournaments you can duel using a similar combat system to KCD, joust, and shoot targets. Everything you do will take place in first person, and in your castle you have a war room where you can see a map that shows the state of the kingdom. That’s my dream game that warhorse should make.


A Historical Game in the thirty year war with the same LOD as KCD and even deeper :slight_smile:


Excuse me for being a boring person… I am an Asatru and bit of a historian when it comes to the old nordic era (800-1066) and the lore of the time and the gods. I would love to see a game set place in Scandinavia as an old Dane and possibly the effects of the raids on either france or the war in Brittannia against wessex from the perspective of a young huscarl or Freeman.


saburaites and blaque nites guyz


Those are my ancestors my dude


If WarHorse makes a hitorical Samurai game, im Buying It


With this again…


Why they do this? :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t know!! We must hide!


I guess, japanese people should make games about themselves, than someone from Europe should make. They know their history better. WH should make games based on history of their land, than the land, that miles far. :smirk:


It will most likely be the Hussite Crusades, but I’ll be buying just about any game they come out with from just about any time period in history. I really hope that Warhorse grows and expands it’s game creations into 5 groups or more, so that each group can work on a different game, just like the AAA studios do, but without ever going into loot boxes and crap like that. Growing, but staying true and humble to their loyal customers!


Dude, this right here…FACTS! man, I couldn’t have said it better myself…


At your service. xd