Was sent wrong version of game


just received collectors edition of game but it was for windows instead of ps4 which I selected who should I contact


its dvd maybe it can be both? pc/ps4 = DVD


support@kingdomcomerpg.com I’d imagine. I have some key related issues as well and I’ve sent my email there


tried all four shipping invoice said windows as well


same thing just happened to me. Sucks that i can’t play now. Waited 4 years for this. My account also stated PS4. let me know if you get anywhere with this. I emailed support.


I contacted support about this also and was told too bad. I felt like they didn’t believe me that I did request a PS4 version before the deadline. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one. They said it was too late to do anything about it though I don’t understand why there would be a limit on digital keys. I’m a stickler for customer service and have no reason to lie about the copy I want. I haven’t redeemed the PC key yet because I’m hoping there is still a fix for this.


Y’all have PS4 listed on your profile or PC? Did you get digital keys on your profile yet?


That horrible especially since all it would take is looking at a persons profile and a picture of the invoice sent with package to tell that they are not lying


ps4 its been ps4 for a few years now so it was certainly not last minute


Are we sure all the backer physical copies didn’t just end up including PC discs but the key for PS4 download won’t be added to profile soon? I haven’t seen anyone at all receive a physical copy containing anything besides the PC discs


Mine says PC right now. It’s not what I requested.


My problem is that my profile says PC now. But it didn’t. I don’t know what happened between when I requested a PS4 copy and when they announced the keys being on our profile. But somehow my profile changed and I definitely didn’t do it.


just checked mine still says ps4


Sorry, y’all. I’m irritated at their response and basically being told I didn’t follow instructions. and that I’m out of luck. I don’t like bad customer service, especially when I know I did what I was supposed to .


That seems like some kind of a glitch. Were you one of the original Kickstarter backers by any chance?


Sounds like we are having different issues. I’m sure your’s will get fixed.


Yep. I backed it early on along with a few other games on Kickstarter. This is the only one that’s made it to release at this point.


Do you, by any chance, still have the original receipt or pledge somewhere on email or anywhere else, which says PS4? That should be able to get you past the customer support, although they might be a bit swarmed at the moment.


No, it just said a digital version. I don’t remember them saying anything about console release during the Kickstarter. I don’t even think the PS4 was out when that started. I’m one of those backers that backs things and reads a periodic update here and there, sometimes I’ll alpha test, but mostly I just update my info when they ask and wait for the finished product.


thanks hope yours does as well