Was sent wrong version of game


Just received a pc version of the game as well.
Had ps4 in my profile since it was added as an option.
even had a email from them asking to verify my address for ps4 delivery.


PC physical? Because I’m wondering if maybe all physical backer copies are PC and the PS4 keys will just come through the profile, not physically mailed…


I did check to see if they sent a confirmation email after I filled out my request in November but I don’t have one. I do know I checked my profile and saw PS4 on it after that. I was tickled that I had the option to switch because I didn’t have a PS4 when the project funded. But it now says PC. I’m wondering if there was a glitch somewhere.


Ah right, the Kickstarter automatically assumed PC, unless you specifically told them later on you wanted some console, right? Hmm, I hope they are able to fix things for you, although it might be problematic. Somewhere I heard that console release is not handled directly by Warhorse. But it seems like more people have similar issue so let us hope it will be a priority for Warhorse.


no keys are attached to profile. the copy i got in mail was PC physical on 4 dvd’s. this better get fixed since i was an original backer and would be pretty bad if they just ignore this.


same for me


Yeah. the email I received said that PS4 distribution was out of their hands. But there has to be a way to fix issues. There are always issues.


I know I chose PS4 at the same time I updated my shipping address. I hadn’t logged into my profile since i moved. I knew I was getting a digital copy but updated it along with my platform preference. when we got that email mid November.


I suppose the cleanest solution would be to hand the affected players new PS4 keys, perhaps even blocking the PC key if necessary. But the distribution being done by different subject really makes the things problematic for Warhorse. But so far Warhorse had good track record with its community, so we can hope they can solve it. It just may take a bit of time.

Is there perhaps some way to summon someone from Warhorse here to give a statement about the issue? Especially if there are people in this topic that are able to prove the order/delivery mismatch like some of the pictures above.


Like I said, I received an email already basically saying my only solution would be to “trade” with someone in the forums. I don’t like not being believed. I was told that they hit their limit on digital keys. That is what I don’t get. It’s digital. I understand only having a limited number of physical copies. Anyway, I’m just venting now. I replied back to the email and said that there are other people also having issues.


that’s exactly what my screen looks like as well


The person anode is talking about for those who’s profiles say PS4 but they still were mailed PC copies. Your situation is different than the one this thread is about.


hopefully more people who are having these problems post them on forum then we can have a chance of a warhorse rep joining in discussion


Yeah I’m hoping this was intentional and they have a plan in mind since literally no console discs have been spotted inside the backer special editions that have been unboxed.


Probably, or it could be a part of the same system glitch.


Also not sure if relevant for some of you, but on the main page you can find this info:

“The backers who had chosen the console version would get the PS4 or Xbox version, with following exceptions. Backers with PS4 version, living in USA, Mexico, Brazil or Canada, will get the rewards separately from the game, so expect two separate packages, please. The backers with PS4 option, living in Asia, will get PC version, because the game is not released in Asia on PS4. If you asked for the digital code for console, you will find it in your profile.”


I don’t live in Asia.


Read it again


a alien has taken over this post.


Where do you live? Because you are skipping the part for North America and I’m confused as to why