Was sent wrong version of game


they sent the pc version not the ps4 version.
unless they are giving me both pc version and ps4 physical then they messed up


I mean it says you won’t be getting the PS4 copy in the same package as the reward package so


We can always hope that they are sending two packages and were just too lazy to take the DVDs from the first backer package and thus leaving you with both. :grin:

But really, the release is a bit messy. It seems like they did not even fix the countdown clock on the main page. It seems though as if many of the problems seen around have to do with the local distributors of the game.


if we are receiving a second delivery then has anyone on here or on other forums been able to track it?


a pic of someone on twitter that already got their ps4 physical version yesterday.


But that’s just the standalone retail copy that could be from any old store in Europe that broke the embargo or shipped it to him early? How do you know they backed the Physical Special Edition that was a reward???


And what kind of a package did you receive? The classic large box with poster?


the boxed pc edition with 4 disc and the map and sound track.

On the receipt of the package of the game it says:
Limited edition of pc windows video game.
Kingdom come: deliverance on 4 dvd disc

Limited edition of video game and complementary gift materials (soundtrack, poster)
Platform: PC Windows
Tier: Baron (Special edition).

forgive me if i am a bit confused because that’s what the receipt in the mail says.


So if I understood the main page right, you should also receive the retails PS4 box as is in your first picture above. That is if you live in the region where they give out two packages.


I also came home today to find my copy had arrived. Unfortunately it is the PC version and I had selected the PS4 version. Hopefully it’s coming separately.


They already had a ton of different customization options to take care of. Some people got the figurine, posters, soundtrack etc. so perhaps they avoided doubling the amount of variations by just stuffing DVDs in every single one. They just won’t give you steam key for those DVDs I assume. That would be the best variant for the customers.


Same here wanted Xbox got damn pc


Does no one see that literally no one who got the backer Edition got it with console discs??


Let’s hope it is not the worse of the two possible options… that someone somewhere screwed up hard. :grinning:


Everyone got the wrong one unless you wanted pc


And based on the info on the main page it might be the intended behavior. With the actual physical console copy arriving as a second package later, from the local distributor for your region. One box from Warhorse, one from console distributor.


I think that’s only with ps4 though. And who is this distributor?


The console distributor is Deep Silver while the PC version seems to be sent directly by Warhorse. And it seems to be causing a lot of confusion.


And how would they know what to send and when?


I was told by warhorse they could send Xbox just not PlayStation