Was sent wrong version of game


Oh, it seems like Deep Silver is responsible for all the physical and console distribution.


Yes, but not for the backer edition,… that´s WH.


Mine just arrived, also has the PC discs even though my profile correctly says PS4 still. Actually I specifically asked for PS4 digital but who knows if I’m really getting it since there’s no key yet on my profile.


So was I correct in my assumption that the backer bonuses will be sent in one box, by WH and the physical disks for consoles will be sent by Deep Silver and thus some backers will get 2 packages, one that appears like the PC box and later the another? Because that would explain a lot of the current confusion with receiving wrong version of the game.


is there a way to find out more on deep silvers website like who is delivering it and when



Physical Rewards

We will deliver the Steam codes in your profiles first and then distribute the collector’s edition and swords separately (not necessary in this order). We can’t guarantee smooth delivery if you didn’t fill out your profiles before the end of 2017. Please do not send us addresses or any other details by email, so be sure to fill out the profile.

Console Versions

The backers who had chosen the console version would get the PS4 or Xbox version, with following exceptions. Backers with PS4 version, living in USA, Mexico, Brazil or Canada, will get the rewards separately from the game, so expect two separate packages, please. The backers with PS4 option, living in Asia, will get PC version, because the game is not released in Asia on PS4. If you asked for the digital code for console, you will find it in your profile.

And NO, DeepSilver is responsible for boxes you can buy (at Amazon, or everywhere)


Yes, there is confusion… :slight_smile:
And tomorrow will be chaos…


They need to release a statement and clear it up


Any clue why Warhorse has stopped replying on the forums and to many emails?

I fear I won’t get to play on release because they aren’t addressing this quickly


Cause they are throwing a launch party


I’m in the UK and backed at EARL level, and received the PS4 disc version as i backed, so me at least got the right version after backing PS4. I received all the collector rewards correctly as well (can provide pics if necessary)


Right now I would say it might be because it is almost midnight in Czech Republic and the dev team appears to be somewhere celebrating. They had to get schnapps to save before the chaos tomorrow.


Lucky you man


at this point I would just be happy with a “we are looking into and will get back with more information soon”



Well it isn’t a development issue - what currently some peeps are seeing is a issue that support has to deal with.


I haven’t been on here since I first backed the campaign on kickstarter.

Came on just to confirm Baron backer, PS4 selected in profile (just checked again).

Also got the Windows version with 4 disks.

Really doubt they’d be sending BOTH. I have to assume this is a major mess-up somewhere.


I too received the PC Special Edition and not the PS4 I Kickstarted. I’ve emailed the Support email address including a screen grab from my Backer page (showing PS4 Soldier Physical) and the package slip which states PC Windows. SO ANNOYED. I was so looking forward to playing this tonight after nearly 3 years of waiting. Fingers crossed they make this situation right ASAP


They should be hooking us up with PSN codes ASAP…and that’s the least they could do to make it up to us. I paid $24 for customs charges on this version I don’t even want; to get another sent to me will cost me another $24. No thanks…I’ve paid enough.


My package just says Collector’s Edition Box, no mention of PC. Makes me think there’s hope that the PS4 copy is on the way