Warhorse Studios Signs Global Co-Publishing Deal for ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’ with Publisher Deep Silver

Warhorse Studios Signs Global Co-Publishing Deal for ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’ with Publisher Deep Silver

Dear Warhorsians,

we at Warhorse Studios are happy to announce a collaboration with Deep Silver, the publishing label of Koch Media, to publish Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Co-publishing combines the core strength of both companies. While Koch Media will use its worldwide distribution channels and partnerships to achieve best retail results, we stand behind the vision of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and retain freedom in the development of our game. We will keep our communication as open and honest as we did from day one of our Kickstarter campaign.

In 2011 we set out on our quest to create a medieval RPG with no magic or dragons. Two years later it seemed like we hit a wall. The studio was on the edge of closurebefore we even started, but there was hope. On January 22nd 2014 we started our Kickstarter Campaign and exactly 35,384 backers made our dream come true. On February 20th 2014 you “kick-started” the project and the realdevelopment of Kingdom Come: Deliverance started. Today over 30,000 new backers have joined and, together with your feedback, we are creating an outstanding game.

With the exclusive co-publishing deal between us and Koch Media we have reached the next important milestone in releasing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This is a great opportunity to bring Kingdom Come: Deliverance to more players around the world.
With Koch Media as a strong publishing partner, we will now have the chance to reach an even wider audience, while staying in charge of all creative and communication activity. Koch Media will publish the game physically and digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as the physical PC versions under its Deep Silver label. Warhorse Studios will remain solely responsible for worldwide PC digital distribution. Both digital and physical versions will share a common release date to be announced in the near future – the release date however remains in 2017.

You, our Kickstarter Backer and the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Community won’t have to face any changes in the game, your backer rewards or assistance. Everything stays as it was and the promised rewards will be delivered in 2017, shortly after the game is released.

Our communication channels will continue to work in the way you are used to and we will be answering all your messages and mails.
We are convinced that sharing our passion and combining Warhorse Studios with Deep Silver’s professionalism will help us make the game even better.

Best regards,

Dan Vavra


such good news keep up the good work !:heart_eyes:

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First: congrats.

Second: Does Linux fall under PC release? Or does PC release mean “Windows only” in Warhorse newspeak?

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I am not able to answer this question yet, sorry. We will come more about it later. But Linux is not a console…

Cool, congrats! Sounds like a good deal for everybody. You don’t have to care about physical distribution and marketing on consoles and at the same time you still have 100% creative independence. It’s imo a great way of doing independent games nowadays. Many crowdfunded games went down this route and I think most if not all of them were pretty happy with this kind of cooperation agreement with traditional publishers.

I’d really like to know though whether Koch/Deep Silver was one of the big pubs that rejected Kingdom Come: Deliverance in the first place (before the kickstarter)… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve read about so many hate according to deepsilver, I hope it will go well

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I don’t care about it.
But: Are there any chances that we will get a linuxversion?

Congrats. I am glad to hear nothing will change with the publisher and will still get the game we backed. I have been very much interested in the future of this game. I hate compromises of games with magic or dragons.

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Hitte all over nowe. Thine newe route is ende for swich a worthy game.
But seriously, now instead of finished and polished product, your publishers will make you to release game as fast as possible to make more money. Also you will have to cut out some content and release it as DLC, because of your publisher’s lust for money. Now publisher, not you, dictates rules.

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Some questions:
Is the deal time limited, let´s say three years?
What´s about the second part (KCD2)? Is part 2 included?
Will there be bundles with Xbox1/PS4 and the game?
Will there be bundles with PC hardware (Nvida or AMD)?
What for a DRM system will be build in?
Can we expect a release on Steam and on GOG? Or with installer?
Are in the deal DLC included?

How to? From what I read, they will distribute the physical copies not oversee the development. It is up to Warhrose when they will decide to release the game.


“Nice, really nice”

This is not an honest answer, it’s an evasive answer.

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Except they are co-publishers, not publishers. Digital PC version is on WarHorse still. Publishers rule you when they fund you - them alone. Which is not this case…

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Can´t comment about the details of the contract.
About the bundles for whatever platform: Sure, why not, but we have to talk about this with the hardware producers about this to. So this is possible, but highly open.
About Steam and GOG, yes we want to be on Steam, and later also on GOG, but there is nothing fixed yet.
And DLCs, yes we are thinking about them, but we don´t have any details about them yet, as the game itself does have a higher priority right now.


oh no… not deep silver :sob:
And DLC’s!? What!?


(Laughs) I was right!

I’m not against DLC, as long as they are done right (like Blood and Wine etc.)


And The Following to Dying Light, DLC better then the main game :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah DLC can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. So don’t understand why people are negative towards it before we even have info about it…

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Overuse of paid dlc is the number one reason i leave negative reviews on steam, and i know I’m not alone. Please keep that in mind.