Was sent wrong version of game


The console distribution wasn’t handled by Warhorse in the USA, which is why they wrote North American buyers would be getting their console copies separately from the reward box.


I too specified PS4, got the PC DVDs. This sure is confusing. And I wouldn’t really care about the mess if there was actually PS4 codes on my profile reward page, but there is not. There just is “PS4”.


Are all you guys with wrong platform from America?


Agree - I’d be happy with the digital PS4 code and will sell the PC version. That to me seems like the best case scenario to keep their loyal backers loyal!


Aren’t the DVDs worthless without steam code? Or did you get the code as well?


Canada here


USA here …


Yes pretty sure


They’re worthless in that I paid $25 in customs for something I can’t even use. I don’t own a PC. Had I known, I would have refused the customs charge and had it sent back to Prague for free.


it seems like it


Wanted Xbox and got pc in United States


That’s super frustrating.


So everyone in North America has PC so far yeah? Which is why they warned us that if we are from North America to expect the console copy in a second package yeah?


The article is vague though


Mate, why the hell would they send us both versions? why would they spend money like that? why print and distribute versions of a game people didn’t ask for? that’s not how you business.

"will get the rewards separately from the game, so expect two separate packages, please. " Also, the game is the game. The ps4 version wouldn’t be the “reward” that’s ridiculous.


By rewards they literally mean the other stuff; statues, clothes, etc. Stuff coming directly from their studio.


The PC disks are worthless without a steam key correct? It’s not like they’re giving away two copies by sending the console discs separately


They’re not worthless in that someone has to pay to create them. Why would a game designer waste money creating copies of versions people didn’t want?


I don’t see where you are getting the misinterpretation of the word rewards. I define it the same way you are so I don’t get your confusion.


You should have recived a mail asking which platform you want…
Everyone who backed recived one I belive so…