Was sent wrong version of game


I’m not talking about the money they get from the consumer. I’m talking about the money they spend to create product. You don’t spend money printing copies of games to send to people unless they paid for them and you make money off it.


You’re creating confusion. The game isn’t coming separately because the game is the game, not the reward.

“Backers with PS4 version, living in USA, Mexico, Brazil or Canada, will get the rewards separately from the game, so expect two separate packages, please.”


Yes and mine was selected as Xbox and then magically switched to ps4 so why didn’t I get a PS4 code bybthat logic?


You’re aware people installing the game so far on PC have said only the first disc does anything and the rest are now worthless because of the patch? It happens and discs are cheap. The PC discs are inconsequential


Like I said. Warhorse said that they could ship Xbox one games, not ps4 for some customs bs. But still why haven’t us Xbox people gotten those?


Bro there’s a whole element to production that you’re not taking into account. Discs are cheap, yea, but the stuff inside them with the boxes and prints, etc are not. No company in the world is making those on their dime unless to sell for profit. They’re certainly not sending them to people as redundant copies to the correct platform they chose.


You understand the rewards are all packaged with the PC bundles we got? So I have the rewards (package one) but no console game (package two) they say to expect


Hmmm contact the customer support its either theirs mistake or yours :slight_smile:
But that perdon was complaining for getting pc version while she (or he ?) never responded to the mail


Uh I never said they are sending the backer edition extras twice. The console copy which they said to expect in a separate package wouldn’t come with a second set of rewards

Edit: see the post below mine


Yes, but you probably won’t get another copy of those prints and other things inside to boxes. Just a cheap plastic shell with PS4 DVDs inside. But yeah, the way the situation is handled in America is rather peculiar.


First off, I originally had it set to ps4. Then a few months back when they said to verify your platform I made it Xbox. Checked it a few days later, it said Xbox. So then closer to launch it said ps4. NOT MY FAULT.


But the reward as “Baron” member is the game and a “making of” video. The “making of” video still shows in my profile as “coming soon”. So why would they send me a PC version too? Are you saying that the PC version is the “Reward” that is being sent as well as the game itself?


Hmmm contact the support, cant help sorry.
Its probably some sort of a glitch they should fix out


Mine says Xbox now. But I still got pc instead


PC version is the rewards - it includes literally every reward they were promising for the physical collector’s Edition itself. You apparently have missed some info. The Making Of is now just a digital reward. That isn’t going to be in anyone’s package. Same with the manual etc.


The Making of Video - is going to be in a digital format and as they had always declared that was planned to come after release because they wanted to put release into it.


Not always. It was once listed as a DVD.


I think you all need to step back and calm down. Constantly writing rants will not solve the issue . @DrFusselpulli will in due course along with @warhorse resolve all the issues .

Anyone who has received the wrong game simply write a post here if you wish with what you have recieved and what you feel you should have received along with the country you reside in and also i would suggest emailing warhorse with the same info .
Just be patient it will all be clarified and resolved.They are a new company, this is the first game they have produced and distributed so expect a number of teething issues


Well yes - but it was declared i believe a decent time ago - Also if you wanted to contain release I wouldn’t really see much point in sending out more mail. Though yes your correct.


True, seems a lot of us missed the info then. I never understood it to mean that I was getting 2 physical copies of the same game on different platforms. That seems wildly inefficient and costly for a company to do. I thought I was choosing between physical copies of whichever platform I wanted. That the PC version is the reward itself is cool, I guess…but like I said, this misunderstanding cost me $25 extra that I would have saved had I known it wasn’t the PS4 version I was expecting.