Was sent wrong version of game


Have you considered they might also have paid for X packages at X weight etc ?


I also received the PC version of the game today. I choose the PS4 version months and months ago. I just check my profile and it still says that I opted for the PS4 version of the game. I’m about to email support and see what they have to say.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve contacted support, but here are my details.

-Kickstarter Backer (Baron)
-Received PC copy of the game today
-Location: US
-Backer profile shows PS4 version selected
-No keys are listed in my backer profile.

Really disappointed in the lack of communication from Warhorse in the months leading up to the release of KCD especially related to console platforms. The developers mentioned they weren’t supporting Pro or X models prior to having us fill out our performed platform survey. the game is then listed is on Enhanced for Xbox One X website and by then it too late to switch platforms according to Warhorse Support due to disc manufacturing, which is reasonable. We aren’t sent shipment notices via email and are now left to guess if we should have received the PC version and if we are supposed to receive a second shipment that contains the correct version (this time with absolutely no shipping notifications to be found via email or our profiles on this site). I think it is safe to say we will not be playing this game at launch which is a bummer. I’m tempted to just ask for a refund and wash my hands of this mess.


I agree they should have better communicated with physical console backers I’ve sent an email almost nine hours ago and still waiting for something


They definitely could have communicated the issue in America better, it is quite an important issue for it being on bottom part of a page.

In defense of the Warhorse though, they do not have a manpower of big companies and if you wrote to them some 9 hours ago it was already the end of work day there. I do not think they have consumer support 24/7. It is not perfect, but let’s give them at least until tomorrow to see what they have to say about it.


I got a message that they are looking into things


I chose the EARL tier as well and got my collectors edition but the community manager said my PS4 copy will ship tomorrow but shouldn’t we still receive a digital code?


So did you get a pc physical edition?


Yeah I received the 4 PC discs partially it’s my fault because for some reason I forgot to include the house number to my address so I was surprised I even got the collectors edition today. The community manager then emailed me telling me my address was missing info he told me they will ship out my copy tomorrow. I think I may have screwed myself at getting the at launch or early but I should be getting it… I thought we were still supposed to get digital codes though but there is nothing on my profile so Idk.


Well here’s hoping the rest of us get our platform of our choice.


Hey everybody, I like many others have received the 4 disc PC physical copy (Earl tier backer) when the platform I chose and that is listed on my profile is PS4. Confusing, but that excerpt saying they are sending two packages is hopefully the solution to our problem. My question though, does anybody know anything about who is shipping the second package? For instance what I received today was from Warhorse Studios and shipped through DHL express.


It could be Deep Silver. But I suppose that by this point it will be best to wait for some kind of a statement from WH. It seems to be a fairly widespread problem and we are not yet sure if it is intended behavior or some kind of mess up.


Me as well. Got the physical ps4 version, and I am expecting a physical ps4 version. Very hyped for the game, but if they bone me with this, I’m never buying any Warhorse/Deep Silver product again


Well to be honest it would be deep silvers fault


Correct, Deep Silver owns the distribution of the console versions in North America


I’m not sure who is shipping it but as I stated before the community manager for warhorse in the US emailed me saying my PS4 copy should be shipped tomorrow. I tried to get as much info out of him but after like the 3rd email he basically told me to buzz off and contact the crappy support email.


did u get any good details from the first two emails


No unfortunately not the good news is we should be getting our PS4 copies the bad news is not at launch or before launch and I’m not sure when exactly hopefully this week…


But I requested PS4 digital… why would they only be sending me physical copies and preventing me from playing at launch?


I’m still trying to figure that out myself I thought we received both a physical copy and a digital one that should appear on our profiles on the website.