Was sent wrong version of game


we’ll know in potentially two hours assuming the site updates at midnight


I hope it gets fixed, it would be nice. But then again… the site had midnight 4 hours ago. Might have to wait for the customer support.


I’m half tempted to just purchase the game on psn so I can play tonight…


well the good news is that since there are so many views on this we will probably have a rep from warhorse at some point tomorrow explain it here


I see the verbiage about the separate package, but commenting because I’m in this boat and want to follow.

Additionally, the Earl (and higher) backers should get a digital and physical copy, correct?

And, does the physical PC copy work without a steam key, or must you have a key?


I did get that email and I responded that day. I changed my address also because I hadn’t updated my account since i moved, even though I only backed to get a digital copy. I requested a PS4 version then. It was reflected on my account until I logged in after receiving the latest email about keys being on our profile. I looked and it switched back to PC sometime between when I changed my preference (before the deadline) and now. They basically told me too bad even though I’m pretty sure at this point it’s a mistake on their end.


Just received an email from customer service saying “we are working on this issue right now. Thank you for your patience”


gloating is not a great character trait to have!


Mate, if you’d throw yourself off a cliff over a videogame, you have bigger issues than the game delay.


Same blunder for me. I am supposed to get PS4 (as it states in My Backer Profile), but I instead received PC version. This is a physical version with SoundTrack + 4 DVDs.

All I want is PS4 version of game. I don’t want to go back to the Medieval Age of installing multi-disk games on PC.

EDIT: The support ticket response had indicated they have also sent PS4 version but don’t have tracking info for that. My PS4 version of game (also special edition) has now arrived. It is a day after official release date, but hey, its here.


Same feeling here. I just want to play the game on platform of my choice. If someone wants to buy the physical PC version I received from me so I can buy the PS4 digital version, let me know.

EDIT: A second package containing the expected PS4 version of the game has now arrived (2/14/2018)


Then why are u here trolling on a forum for people with legitimate problems when u have the game u could be playing


Quit being a freaking douche bag. We all did fill out the correct platform. Go play your game and quit gloating and being a p****


We also have direct pictures of our backer pages to prove it


Are u to lazy to scroll back up the replies to look on this forum for all the various photos people have


So aside from being a smart-ass, you’re also unable to read. There’s only a couple people here who ended up having the wrong platform in their profile. Most of us have the right platform selected and still haven’t received the correct version. So why don’t you stop trolling and stfu?


No need to get nasty when there is some kind of a flaw in release and confusion because there was no clear statement from WH yet.

There is no need to panic yet either, from some of the posts it seems that WH is actively working on the issue, although a bit clearer communication would be appreciated by many.


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Honestly I’ve just started flagging the guy it’s obvious that he is going off topic just to troll folks who have problems my advice is to do the same


I’ll do the same