Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

Are you planning to include proper scabbards into the game? Was there discussion about it in the development already?
If scabbards for some reason are too complicated to implement, would it be possible to include one or two animations for characters resting their swords on their shoulders?

These seem to be the only two realistic options for carrying swords around, because you either had a scabbard to protect your sword from dirt and rust in the long-term or you carried the sword in your hands or at your shoulders when you were expecting to need it for only a few days.

And now you can also ask your favorite questions to our Sound Designer Vojta. Please write if your questions are for Dan or Vojta, as Dan didn´t answered yet because of the christmas season. Stay tuned for his answers.

Hey Vojta I hope you like this. It’s very good music from one of similar games. Please listen to it, i think people really like this one.


Hi Vojta,
There are hundreds of sounds in a forest for example. Some are very often to hear and some are very rare. How many samples did you record only for the woods. Can we expect some of those rare samples too? Like a “singing/yelling” tree in the wind.
I think it’s not that economic to put those samples in the game which comes only two or three times a day…how do you think about building a perfect digital (forest)sound environment for the game. What are the biggest compromises?
you told us about “audio dramaturgy for cutscenes”. Can you give us an example? I don’t think you mean the music…
Did you and your Colleagues at WH designed and build the best forest in a computer game?? :open_mouth:

Well, this question had to come:
How many dubbing versions are planned? :slight_smile:

There was a glimpse in the latest video update but I really hope to see scabbards also for (ALL) NPCs and the PC?


  • How far is the implementation process of the scabbards?
  • Will there be a full fledged SDK for modding purposes, so that we can alter more than visual/sound aspects?
  • Will the DLC include also new SMALL expansions to the previous gameplay, new small animations etc. besides the stuff which had to be cut out due to time purpses
  • For how long do you intend to support the game afterwards?
  • What is the plan for console mods. Bethsada has a nice concept with Skyrim, will you do the same?


  • For now the terrible sound of drawing swords isnt there will you intend to use realistic drawing sounds e.g. when drawing and putting back to a scabbard or the overused tsching sound
  • Will there be ambient sounds depending on sources (e.g. animals, physical wind interaction with flora) or just general ambient sounds?
  • Will there be sounds of footsteps depending on wet soil?
  • Do you plan to include 3D sound?
  • The period in-game music will it be still there?
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I’ve been playing a lot of the board game A Feast for Odin lately as well as watching the History Channel TV show Vikings and it struck me that this would make an amazing historical setting for a sequel to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Dan, would you ever consider placing a sequel in the 9th century focused on playing a viking during their time of expansion? I see it as a story of a young viking seizing an opportunity to make a name for him- or herself through daring raids against Francia and Anglo-Saxon England as well as diplomacy in working together with other viking clans, and eventually ending with negotiating with the leaders of the conquered lands to establish a permanent legacy for future generations of Normans.

It sounds like a great historical setting for a game and Warhorse Studios has shown with KC:D that they can tranform their love of a historical setting into fun and engaging gameplay.

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I love this music from Gothic III Forsaken Gods

Question for Daniel
What do you think about the criticism of objects models in the game. For example, this discussion :innocent:

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Write it in english and you might have a chance! :smiley:


After the epic answer in english topic: :laughing:

Warhorse has their own historical advisor’s so i can’t see the armor being as unrealistic as you claim it to be.

Is necessary write a lot of text for explanation and correction of mistakes in the models. Hard for me make such a large amount of text in English.
I recommend to use a browsers add-on. For example - http://translatorforfirefox.blogspot.com/ :wink:

Now it is time to ask your questions to our programer Michal “Mikee” Hapala.

Have any of the questions been answered by the last two people? Did I miss their answers somewhere?

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Vojta already answered here.
Dan still didn´t so far.

Huh. I could’ve sworn I read Hellboy’s responses yesterday.

Yeah, they’re both there now. I checked that page earlier today and didn’t see them so my browser must have been loading from local cache or something. But they’re there now so that’s cool.

Dan didn´t answered yet, because of the winter holidays, you can expect his answers in the next couple of days :slight_smile:

@ Michael

Is this YOUR bug or is Henry a duck???


I don´t care for the Spanish inquisition!!!
In the last 2 weeks I have “quicksaved”, more than once! :wink:

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I will be technical and I do not have anything against technical answers :slight_smile:

General Questions

1: In which cases do you rely solely on the CryEngines pyhsical system and in which cases do you use self-desgined physical systems (if any)?

2: Have you modified the CryEngine Core? If yes, then in what extent?

3: What were the biggest problems you have encountered so far?

  1. What tools did you create and for what puroses?

Some architectural/technical questions

1: What are the langues your game is written upon. The Cry-Engine is the core (C++), you have built your system above it with plugins (I presume also C++), then you have your AI/Behavior/Game System Scripts, what languages are you using, I presume LUA but I also saw Python in the install directory.

2: For what do you use Python?

3: What programm did you used to make your animations (Maya? 3DsMax)

4: What is the format of your animations?

5: What are the mesh types your characters are composed of (The standarad, skeleton and static) or with more

6: Do you work with destructible meshes?

7: What IDE are you using, in your videos I saw IntelliJ :slight_smile:


1: What is your approach for the optimization of the NPC-Behavioural optimization?

2: What will be optimized graphically?

3: How many LODs will you include?

4: How is your approach for the LOD change?

5: In which cases are scripts more performant than using only the CryEninge itself? (If there are some cases)

6: Will you use multithreading for AI-Calculations or do you already use it to some degree? If you will use multithreading will you implement it scalabe or will you assume a certain amount of cores/threads and set it as a maximum?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Now it´s time to ask questions for our 3D Environment Artist Joukejan “Jouke” Timmermans from the Netherlands: