Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

This is a really interesting question. I still hope that we can mix the spoken languages in game with good subtitles. So we are able to hear in game Czech, German, Hungarian, Latin etc. when those languages should be spoken.

From my point of view the Czech-German tensions where more about policy (who should be Emperor / King of Germany, tax breaks and better promotion prospects for German people in the kingdom of Bohemia). So in this case the language shows more the cultural background and isn’t the real reason for the tensions. The different languages strengthen the tensions because a lot of people couldn’t talk to the other side properly (lost in translation).

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Not quite true:

  • Germans were immigrants with high living standards (mainly due to being afforded special rights as a way of luring skilled workforce) - social tensions
  • Germans by large and far were remaining loyal to Catholic Church at the time of rising Czech dissent to the Catholic church - religious tensions
  • Germans were more loyal to King and Estates from whom they were deriving their rights (and protection), while among Czechs was a very high proportion of small land owners who were to a large extent free people - political tensions

Language was identifying mark, not the source of tensions.



1: Do you know if there might be a middle high-german/czech localization?
2: Will there be a a mode with middle-high german subtitles?

Silvia is working on her answers right now, but now it is already time for the next participant of the Weekly Torch, our Technical Designer Martin “Ziggi” Ziegler. Please ask your questions to him:

Can we get to play your small games somewhere? :slight_smile:


Seriously, I have to know.

What is the Badassness check?

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[quote=“kaiman, post:178, topic:29619”]Seeing a line like “no time for this shit” really takes me out of the game:


(Hoping it’s just a placeholder, though)[/quote]
I really hope so too…

I am working on how NPCs react to player’s crimes, such as assaulting NPCs, stealing, etc.

What happens after the NPS have watched the crime. After some minutes, did they return to their work and and “forget” this incident? And everything is like before? Most games do it this way, but is quite unrealistic.

If you are bad at stealth (in a banditcamp), and the bandits raise an alarm, will they also wake up all the sleeping bandits, to search you?

If they don´t find you, will they stay alarmed “forever”?

Are there different alarm levels?

Is the vision of the NPC limited by darkness or bushes? Can you hide in the dark? Is there an indication/indicator if you are visible, or not? If you are useing a torch, are you more visible?

How does the minigame pickpocketing work?

If you kill a bartender or a blacksmith, will another NPC respawn and do this job? If you kill everyone in a village, stays the village empty, or maybe,can bandits use this place as a hideout?


too complex would be great idea.

1: Your collegue Mikke said, that you do not use destructible meshes. Can you please explain in detail why you do not use them?

2: What tools did you develop to make your life easier?

3: Will those tools be available for the later modding support?

Does the crime system check the fraction or the reasons of the offender (player or NPC) and the fraction of the victim (player or NPC) and do the NPC’s judge the noticed crime from their personal or fraction point of view? So throwing horse shite on a house of a supporter of King Sigismunds is acceptable for supporters of King Wenzeslaus, but not for other NPC’s. How does in game justice react to known crimes and is there other punishment possible than just a fine? I hope that a known slayer of innocents don’t get away with just a fine there should be a lethal punishment like break on the wheel.

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Unfortunately the last questions were not on the list that I send Martin, but I will ask him if he can answer them anyway. It just may will take a bit.

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Now you can ask questions for our actor Luke Dale:

I’m hoping we will see that quest someday in the future as dlc. Because it sounds like it would be a more lite hearted quest chain, which is great.

Why is the chick without shoes, unlike all the guys?

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Because it was in summer and the chick is actually a duck!


Quoting Shakespeare in 1403? Either it was meant as a parody or it would be a pretty good miss by about 200 years. I certainly wouldn’t see something like that in a historic game.

Don´t you know Shakespeare was inspired by real events in Bohemia?! :wink:

Hello @Luke_Dale
some questions for you:
1; Is the friend of Henry, Lord Hans Capon a fictional or a historical person? I haven´t found any prove of him. Can you describe the backround (familly) of Capon a little?

2; Have you only played Hans, or have you more (little) roles in KCD?

3; Have you play the beta of KCD? Did you like it?

4; The bath scene is a funny one. I like the second version with the full armor. :slight_smile:
How many takes are made of this sceen? How long have you wait in the „water“ ?

5; I´m sorry that KCD has no real time facial motion capture and no scanning of the fingers. I think this would bring the cutsceens too a much higher level, don´t you think? That would be much more play act, than only the body moves…

6; Would you like to be part and actor of KCD2?

7; Do you make the stunts by yourself(in general)? In KCD?

8; What was your highlight as actor? Your favorite role? What role would be a dream? Something like James Bond or more like Julius Caesar? :slight_smile:

Be gentle. First of all, you should flatter the shirt, only then you can pass to animalist topics or your collection of photos of telegraphic slopes of 20th century… Pff, amateur… :))

Now few questions for Luke!
Question 7 you answered by "the main thing was to not worry too much and to approach the character as if it was me in those situations."
So that gave me an ammo! :smiley:
How do you live with your character? Does he suit you? Being said how you described him (young, testing out things, searching for himself). You look kinda young, but not that young to search for yourself, so this life era might be still your living memory. Would you do things differently than him, or your actions would be mostly corresponding?

Can you give us hint what movie or TV series can we watch to actually see you? :slight_smile: Maybe your favourite role, you enjoyed most in your acting carrier?

I’m also curious about character you play. After quick search I also didnt find any historical mentions of at least house Capon in Bohemian kingdom. Of course it can be translation of some other Bohemian name, but I can’t figure out which can be.
Correction here: I’ve found Kapoun (capon is translation of czech word kapoun) after knowing that, it reminded me there was some lower house of that name. After more searching I’ve found out that first mentions of house are from 16th century and possibly have connection to “vladyka” (? I dont know english equivalent of that title, maybe local low level gouvernor?) of Svojkov (not on game map, kinda further away). From public sources I’ve found nothing of this house from 15th century or earlier, so we can assume character is completely made up, unless WH has some better sources in their database.
This searching for historical facts is much more fun, than fantasy RPG “lore” gibberish!