Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

Now you can ask questions to our Quality Assurance member Luboš Suk


Hello Luboš,
are you only testing the PC version, or also the consol versions?

Is there a kind of issues/bug on which you are specialised?

The code basis is the same for PC and consoles!(?) Are there any specific bugs which only occur in the console versions?

The load/save system in the alpha/beta build is a mess. After this the save system has been changed. What´s the actual status? Can we expect a stable rock working improvment???

Keep calm and be patient (and don’t be a lousy troll)<

Is it possible to fix all the main bugs in the next 3-4 months? I´m a little worried about the deadlines, but maybe you can fix everthing just in time. :slight_smile:

Do you better work with or without music?

How do you relax after work?


The answers of Luboš Suk and Tereza “Fura” Semecká will be here soon, but for now, you can ask more questions to our tool programmer Martin “Šouris” Šourek.

  1. What would a perfect game according to your wishes look like?
    A complex, story-based RPG game with cooperative multiplayer (not the MMORPGs). I believe there is nothing like it.

May I recommend you Divinity: Original Sin and upcoming Divinity: Original Sin 2?
I played the first one many times with my friends and even with my wife - with real split screen couch coop! Amazing game…

What was that about? :joy:

Some kind of bet or you just enjoy wearing trendy swimsuits? No judging. :smirk:

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Skald, our in-house design software<

Is there an actual video which explains and shows the software?
Maybe direct with a quest from the game? :wink:

Are there plans to make a version for modding? As open source?
Or sell the software as a lizence to other companies?

I have made Skald usable, fast, and user friendly<

The development of skald startet some years before you joined WH, but now you are the only guy who takes care of the software? A fairly big responsibility!

I participate in automated profiling<

When checking the frames on the performance map(X1),… most of them are not over 30 frames.
Runs the PC build better? With more frames?

funniest bugs last month<

Is there a plan to make a video with the craziest and funniest bugs? Dana posts sometime this stuff… :slight_smile:

TV series,

Which one do you love?

The other questions will be answered quite soon, I am already on it,
but for now, you can ask more questions toJiří “J.R.” Rýdl

Hi Jirko :slight_smile: :smiley: I have nice question for you.On the first picture you are on laptop can you run it KCD on it? Because soon or later i will buy some PC and i would like to know if i can run on laptop :stuck_out_tongue: its more practish to have laptop than PC but its expensive :slight_smile: . And i will meet you on battle of Libušín can wait for your (stánek with pivo :D)


Time to come up with questions for our Animator Conor Doyle

Is melee fighting on horseback going to make it to final game or just horseback archery?
Can you pull off the person from horseback and can others do the same?
Are there other ranged weapons except bows?
Is there combat option to unarm opponent?

Not taking over the world while I had the chance…

There is always a second one… start today! :slight_smile:
Which kind of ruler would you be?

Do you also make animal animations?
Is it harder to do than human animation (having mocaps)?
Do we have cats or fishes in the game?

Which programs do you use?

Have you learned czech before you came to Czech republic?

From Conor Doyle Q&A

‘‘Do we have cats or fishes in the game?
No we do not.’’

So no fishing in the game?..

I think they just did not animate or make their in-game models. I do not see reason why they should cancel that. It does not seem like an issue. Take rod, go to water, wait, fish takes bait. Fish achieved and put to inventory.

Why would you cut Blacksmithing minigame It was like one of best thing you could do in this game, there arent any RPG game with good crafting system. Only M&B mod created interesting prototype.

Now it is time for our Senior Programmer Michal Bartoň to answer some of your questions.

What can we expect from the PS4 Pro enhancement?

Will the content available during the PS4 pre-loading also be included with the PC and XB1 versions?

Hello Michal,

Now I understand why the first quest(start in Silver Scalice) is designed this way,… als a closed level. But if you hurry, you can finish it in 5 minutes. How will you bound the player, for 1 hour, in this zone?

How many percent of the TCR/TRC are ready? How many additional months do you need to finish the list?

How many Dev-Kits has WH?

Who makes the same job for the Xbox1?

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Hi there,

1: How far will you support PS4 VR?
2. Will the achievements be visually represented ingame or will it just be a lousy popup. I know that TCRs require you to provide achievements for proceeding in the game.
3. Will you provide controller key rebinding
4. What is your modding strategy for consoles?
5. I hope that you will not cope with memory limitation by showing disappearing objects,

Thank you very much

I would like to ask, what is the best and the worst thing (in technical way) on PS4? Thanks and good luck.