Well so far in hardcore i


well so far in hard core, im about 30 hours in and i just finished finding out about limpy lubash. ive gotten lost about 7 times in the woods lol and combat seems a lot harder as well. its what i always wanted. since im not a god in kcd anymore one of the first things that happened to me when i got to rattay was 10 days in jail. apparently it was because i raped, killed, and pillaged everyone i could in skalitz before shit hit the fan. well to my surprise that didnt go away , it followed me to rattay where i was caught and jailed… that never happened to me before. i looted skalitz in everyone of my play throughs to get a great start.
when run started, i died to the very first cuman i seen and had to do about 3 hours over again… first time i got a lesson in NO AUTO SAVE after finishing quests… that sucked. so then run started and it took me about 6 hours to kill every cuman i seen before fleeing to talmberg lol, it was hard as fuck lol . in non hardcore that takes me about a half hour to 45 mins lol.
then after i got of jail, i got knocked the fuck out by paschek’s debt collectors after they woke me up in the middle of sleeping. i beat the game 3 and a half times (lost interest on 4th non hardcore play through) before hardcore ever came out. so technically this hardcore run is my 5th time fighting the debt collectors and never have i lost a fight with these guys trying to 2 v 1 me…now ill show u some pictures of how that fight in hardcore went for me

when i got KO’ed a guard seen what happened and started fighting one of the guys LOLOL when that happened the yellow guy ran for it lol. they folded me like a pretzel! lmao it looks so funny. this fuckin guy in yellow who ko"ed me is standing over me like hes also talkin smack lol…

ALSO heres my new “just starting out look” i really like it and i may use it for as long as i can. once enemies are in full plate and more OP then me, ill most likely switch to full plate armor

i did make 2 small changes u can barely see in the pics. i changed the helm and the arms. the arms are rivited vambraces they look the same as the 1st picture accept they dont have the metal shoulder guards (sry i dont know what they are called, pauldrons maybe) well the metal on the shoulders kept clipping through the leather shoulder pads. so i had to fix that. if you want a full list of what i have on, just let me know and ill post a pic of the list.
also im almost enjoying no fast traveling lol. i pretty much always fast travel. i know, i know, some of you right now are saying wtf! lol but shit man im lazy. i never really cared for the amount of time it takes to run, walk or ride to point A to point B . its all good though because i still, and every time i play the game just enjoy the hell out of the scenery Beautiful!

PS. i stole this horse to ride back to skalitz and get my loot i stashed. then i found this gem of a landscape.


Has anyone seen a wayfarer in hardcore. not the ones just walking around on the roads. i mean the knight , mercenary, the guy with riddles, the lady asking for money,food or bandages. all those random encounters seem to be missing again . theres more that i didnt name as well. i havent seen anyone of them yet and im starting to wonder.


i saw a knight once
he wanted to duel me, and i was beaten so hard
i hate this damned hardcore mode


alrighty thanks, im at the baptism of fire now and the only random encounters i have seen so far is cumans and bandits.


Ya only way I could kill the Cubans in hardcore was halberd lol wish the dirt and grime showed up does it for u?


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: spell check cumans


Yep knight tried to still his lovely bascenit it was during my quest with capon hunting he kicked my arse than had to reload pretty good ways back not to far just had to beat his sliver spoon ass lol


What was ur bad perks that u start off with me tape worm and night mares


Wow! I suppose you were raped for your sins. Which negative debuffs have you chosen?

I tried to be a “fishy” bad guy (dagger and bow without face-to-face combat) but some enemies oneshot you if you wear light cloth. I’ll try it again in my next playthrough.


i picked tapeworm and claustrophobia . foods pretty plentiful and well i figured id just wear open faced helms. those 2 negative perks really dont affect me that much.


it took me so many trys to beat baptism by fire, i dont know how many times i made it to runt. he beat the shit outta me so many times lol … word to the wise when u go to talk to ser divish , to start this quest get to him and when your with in a couple feet of him to ask for more men SAVE THE GAME. because thats the last time you will be able to save until baptism by fire is done. you cant save at all anytime during the battle, trust me i tried.



Same I had that dam hound skull and was like this outta be a piece of cake had my bow ready bam runt in Italian helm :scream:


Yeah non-hardcore when he doesn’t have a helmet one time I one shot runt. I hit him with a head cracker it was pretty cheesey. All that work and lead up just to one shot him in 10 seconds lol.


Thats what I was gonna do but then it said you can’t eat out of pots…and though food is still plentiful I think I’m gonna to brittle bones, as there is a perk to counteract it, at least a little, and how often do you really take fall damage anyway?


they Helmed him? or just in Hardcore? Cuz it was pretty silly he didnt have a helmet…except by the way he hides you can tell he’s a sissy one on one and you’re a kid so maybe he just thought he could take you.


U can eat from pots, but instead of getting like a bunch of nourishment from eating from a pot, it only gives you a tiny bit. I’d have to eat 7-10 pots to be 100%… but seems like the food items like dried meat apples or bread and any other food item isn’t affected by tape worms just the food pots… I didn’t do brittle bones cause fall damage is bad enough in Hard core.


Yeah they gave him a helm lol. Makes it more realistic as well. Since I don’t wear full plate armor I really couldn’t let him hit me that much. Like if he landed 3 combos and 2 hits I died. His combos are what make him such a beast. But after he killed me a bunch of times. I finaly had a run where I pushed his ass in a corner and killed him in like 5 hits like it was nothing… I feel like the game took pity on me.


Could you still power level/train with Bernard before Pribyzlavitz or is that later…havn’t actually done a play through in quite a while.


yes you 100% can, i did for while. i also did alot of leveling in skalitz b4 the run quest ever starts. punching animals dosent do a thing anymore. so i pick every single herb in skalitz. with the 2nd herbalist perk you can unlock leg day. you can slowly level ur strength. normaly i get it to about 6- 7 b4 i leave skalitz. by knocking every1 in the whole town out, i also level stealth like that. i do some lock picking aswell. you can get 4 free lock picks from fritz. seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UcwW82QEOw . i also try to milk the 2 fights as best i can and i also milk the hell out of the sword lesson. ( most you can do is lvl 2 in sword, warfare, and agility) by robbing the whole town of skalitz you can get a couple unique things i think. like that guy dutch who talks smack about the 1 true king , if you mug him and take his stuff he has a gold ring on him. by mugging every1 youll get the key and trunk key to there houses, do if your not to handy with lock picks you can at least rob most of the chests getting you some gold. you can also unlock that perk that gives u 15% more money for selling plants. … theres 2 chests in henrey’s house. after you break out of talmberg to bury your parents go in your house(henrys house in skalitz) and put all your stolen gear (not what your wearing keep that on) in that box. when i woke up in rattay i noticed some of my stuff i stole like that gold ring was missing. by stashing all your stuff that ensures you’ll get to keep it. also this is optional try and save the game right b4 you start digging the grave for your parents. because once you get knocked out by runt and you have that nightmare in rattay, the cumans you kill in the dream drop shields and weapons. you can loot them and stash all that in the same box in henrys house.

when in the dream and you looted the cuman weapons, when you go to run to your parents run far to the right farther then the well to the right. that will let u by pass henrys parents and let u run to henrys house. its a little tricky cause its very dark but look for the houses slightly glowing windows they stand out the more closer you get to it. since its tricky thats why id recommend saving right b4 you go to dig that grave. so if you dont run far enough from his parents and trigger the cut scene , you can just reload right back to before runt puts ya into a dream state lol


Yea, I’m doing the Skalitz exploit as a standard so when I finally start HC mode I’ll do it then as well…although I heard someone got busted in Rattay for their crimes in Skalitz? But I think they killed people. But honestly it’s best IMO to KO instead of kill to get the repeat KO exp. Picking herbs is sooooooo boring though .

My biggest worry in HC mode is navigation really, it’s been a while since I’ve played. I have a lot of hours logged just from playing a lot after release, gotta get back into it.