Well so far in hardcore i


yea i had to spend 10 days in jail the 2nd i made it to rattay. wich was all good it wasnt that big a deal compared to all the xp, money and gear i got. it was well worth it. just dont have the stolen stuff on ya when u turn ur self in. also what platform do ya play on


https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/367 <- instant herb picking mod

i got this literally just to pick the skalitz herbs, it gets rid of that 2-3 second animation when u pick them youll fly through it.


aw I’m on console, not for us yet…or ever probably lol.


never say never, once the modding support comes out hopefully they will release the mods for consoles. one can only hope.


That would be cool, but it took forever for Skyrim and theyre a much bigger company/community than this. I’m hopeful, just not holding my breath


couple of mods like Campfire for skyrim or adding fishing, curing meat, farming/picking vegetables from existing farms and using the pots for stews like in Skyrim and other RPGs would really add to this; and give opportunity for a cooking skill and more trade options.

I fell like they’ll ride this as long as they can, especially since Kingdom Come is the game series and Deliverance is a “chapter” if you will, so it would be easy as a small company to ride this out to completion/exhaustion and then release based on that build. I already know a lot had to be left out due to being over ambitious, I hope the fan base holds out on these guys cuz they’re onto something.


I would like a more sandbox feel for end game though, since you can get property it would be nice to play a hunter/farmer/fisherman trader and really live interactively in 1400 Bohemia

just not really enough to do IMO. Either hunt game or bandits/cumans really.


or give me a cart I can attach to my horse for speed reduction and carrying capacity increase and maybe slightly increase the chance of being ambushed/remove fast travel capabilities and let me be a legit traveling merchant



yea bro that would be great. i also wondered why they gave us a house in a town that gets some what wrecked. i really want to customize my house… the most i can do is drop a gold cross on the table and hope it lands up right. thats about as much as you can do to it. it use to stay on the table too. not sure if it will stay now after they fixed the weapons staying on the ground for ever. since they now disappear the cross i always dropped might too.


is this the Pribyslavitz house? Is DLC already out on PC? But anyway I guess their aim with this is to be somewhat educational about what it’s like to build a settlement and make it interactive and fun more than to give us a town. But maybe Henry settles here and we see more of it later, I’m having fun just have ideas and no means to implement them :confused:


also if it’s that shitty I’ll take it but I’ll probably continue to live out of the Huntsman cottage. I actually really like it, I just wish I could use the pot for more than eating and use the tanning rack outside and such. If properties were a bit more interactive it would go a long way.


no i was refering to the huntsman house. and no the dlc isnt out yet. says to be released in july. HEY WARHORSE ITS JULY NOW! it would be nice if u could plant crops and take care of them.

that would be an awesome idea, make skins worth slightly more if you were to use a tanning rack and make it a skin . maybe even use the skins to make clothing to sell to merchants.


WH has the customer mechanic down, but the vendor/trader/service provider mechanic is underdeveloped

Nobody comes to you … except Lady Stephanie and her misplaced affection early on

The tanners have been given nice build ups in the settlements but their value is missing. Can’t do anything with the furs/pelts other than sell


I would like to see markets flourish over time, maybe not in this game but in a storyless medieval simulator that is basically this minus the story and add a create a character option. You could have small story lines going for guilds and wars or whatever and make it all optional.

That would be cool travel from town to town and have different stuff have different buy/sell prices based on what is available there like the economy in Mount and Blade Warband if you’ve played that…that economy system was pretty dope. You could also open businesses that would do well or suffer depending on what business it was and what town you put up shop in. That was great

Let me take a caravan and set up a stand in a town and if I want to go grab lunch or a drink I can close shop and maybe suffer losing product to thieves if I dont guard it myself or hire a merc; but also randomly see people running from guards and if you happen to catch someone stealing from you you can either take care of it yourself or get the guards or something.


Idk, I like the cottage…it’s cozy. Could use some work I suppose. Let me dig a hole in the ground to keep meat longer than for like a day without it spoiling lol

Yea so many options. I can sell hide to tanners, or tan the hide and sell leather to armor smiths/tailors, or get the equipment and skill and make clothing myself…same and hunting, getting meat, curing/cooking meat and sell that. I like the idea of taking a trade as far as you want but making leveling hard enough you wouldn’t become a master of everything without a loooot of hours logged. Or make it where certain perks disallow other perks to encourage multiple play throughs and not being too OP skill/trade wise


Guild war/trader syndicate DLC … and the millers. Get contracts. Set trade caravans (what, where, by when: determine the guard detail — if too many guards, the goods are delivered but you lose money; if too few, you lose money/lives). Curry favor with nobles and/or church

I guess the tie in would be with the chamberlain instead of locator. Once you prove yourself as bailiff (making money), the chamberlain comes to you with a proposal


I’m hopeful for this games long term life and how it will be at its best


yea, basically add 3 main guilds with sub groups/activities…fighters guild/army/military/guards, hunter/trader/fisher/farmer/food, and the millers/assassins/thiefs. Establish small wars or bandit raids, hunts/trade routes and a crime syndicate of some sort. Mix that with a reputation system that actually matters and a decent economy system and you’d be in for a really interactive world that if you’re not careful you could get such a bad reputation you can’t go anywhere, and then you basically become an outlaw only able to deal with Millers.

I remember in Morrowind I had such a terrible bounty it seemed not to matter where I went there was no talking, just guards wanting to kill me. I broke the game but it is kind of cool is a realistic, reap what you sew kind of way.


Harder said than done though I’m sure.


Maybe in post game have stuff like this take effect to keep the game going…or just hope a company makes a game like this, less story driven more simulator