Well so far in hardcore i


Protectors - fighters guild, army, military, guards, bailiff
Producers (food) - hunters, fishermen, farmers, livestock ranchers
Traders - bakers, brewers, smiths, inns, millers (legitimate activities)
Criminals - millers (morally ambiguous activities), assassins, thiefs
Consumers - high nobles, low nobles, commoners

Different main factions with sub factions that have varying relationships with the other (sub)factions. Interesting and with lots of playthrough possibilities. Problem is KCD is so historically situated that that kind of playthrough gets killed


for sure, would be a great idea for an open simulator though. and really you could reskin that idea to any historical or fantasy/sci fi world you want. Realistic, immersive, open world, good looking sims is what I really want. Especially being on the brink of VR being the norm. I WANT THE MATRIX except in medieval times, I just wanna live there…


more romance/family options too, while we’re talking about stuff KCD will most likely never get around to…Theresa is so bleh after the big show


yea that still drives me nuts


Could that be y that dirt and damage isn’t showing?


Anyone know if mods are coming to console?


July 5th BTW 2 days from this post! Patience Patawan


I’m loving hardcore mode it’s like a new game to me. Just went treasure hunting which is way more difficult without a map or fast travel but it was a lot of fun. Every duel is more difficult now cause people engage more quickly and 2 vs 1 situations can easily lead to death. Also the sleepwalking debuff is awesome I fell asleep near ledethko and woke up in Sasau, how convenient! And my other debuff is brittle bones. Pretty much means avoid falling entirely but that’s fine just stay on the horse when roaming it’s fairly easy to avoid. No major bugs but the stutter is back a little bit in cities, I think that’s true for both game modes since 1.6. Save often and you’re gtg


Seriously do not fall. I just walked a little too fast down the stairs fell down the last three steps and broke both ankles lol


think i’ll avoid the horse armor for that very reason


Brittle bones looks more like an annoyance than anything hardcore.

In my play through, went for numbskull for slower progression and haemophilia for a greater sense of danger in battle. It is the most immersive combo IMO.

I can’t stand the idea of carrying a tapeworm :wink:


If you play hardcore with Haemophilia perk enabled, there’s an example how to evade pursuit on the way to Talmberg. I’ve got zero damage excluding scripted bleeding.


i knew your horse runs faster when you remove the saddle. but damn i never thought of doing it when i did run. thats a fuckin great idea man. you were smoking them cumans lol gj man.


If u grew up playing in the yard bare foot running on gravels and the such ud know


Exactly my problem with this game. It is where Skyrim still pulls ahead imho. You just lack stuff to do. The Bailiff gig with the DLC is nice and all but you lack the ability to join a household army, the ability to create your own trade outpost, the ability to fabricate stuff with the resources you have at hand (skins and stuff)… hopefully the game will continue to be expanded to the point where you can do all this stuff giving you a sense of a more complete world.


Someone found more in a chest


It’s not so bad, it’s like having a little buddy who eats as much as you do. Stock up on plenty of boiled cabbage and that black bread, each do 20 nourishment…mmmm, boiled cabbage


with ground beef My older polish immigrant relatives called Golabki ( close spelling due to accent marks). aka polish stuff cabbage


Hey man you don’t have to convince me, I’m half Czech…I’m not sure when exactly but my granparents were born there and came to the US at some point when they were relatively young. Kolaches, sausage, cabbage, pickled anything, you name it and I’ll probably eat it lol


I use to hate it. It was all they served when we came to visit from out of state ( father in Coast Guard)