Well so far in hardcore i


I am really enjoying navigating around without a map marker, it means you are watching the scenery a lot more and taking notice of it. Great idea and seems to be playing well so far.


Also great that the natural aids to navigation are there too ! Thanks for that Warhorse - much appreciated.


So touching base…about 25 hours in and I have to say, the navigation is not as bad as I though. Even when I get mixed up a quick ride in any direction usually takes me back to a road and gets me back on track. Worst part so far was finding the mine shaft where Reeky was.

I have a pretty well traveled patch from Rattay to Talmberg/Pribyslavitz(basically the whole map) and it’s really not too bad.

This game is awesome on Hardcore mode, even the negative stats don’t seem to matter much.


i agree man, once you get use to not using that marker for everything like i use to its really not bad at all. i like it, almost love it lol. finding reekeys cave was hard as hell lol and i even knew what one out of the 3 it was . i still went to all of them , each one took me 5 mins of rideing back and forth sweeping the area lol.

for me thats one of the biggest things i like about not fast traveling. i pretty much only fast travel in non hardcore. even though i beat the game a few times, i always missed out on some scenery somewhere. i even use to go screen shot hunting just to look for scenery. now i just but something on my shift key and just look around.

ps: i have an idea to try today. i just reached lvl 10 in drinking yesterday . i unlocked the perk where if you drink your self to oblivion youll wake up in your own bed with all your stuff still on you, so im wondering if i can use it to fast travel if i wanted to be lazy. id like to know if it puts you in your closest bed or if it just puts you in the bed at rattay, the millers (peshak) wich would be preferred. if i need to go to rattay and im by like skalitz or something maybe i can just drink until i pass out lol.


I found so many crosses, interesting spots, accidents, camps with or without sleep and save beds, all kinds of stuff I never saw before.