Wenzel. What do you know about this guy?

Mr. Vavra have told us a little bit about Wenzel in this video http://youtu.be/5V1nt0H8Jd0?t=5m10s Drunk and womaniser sounds like total bro to me, but I would apreciate people, who are actually experts in his persona, to write about him everything, that they know in this topic. No Wikipedia links please. Been there already. Thank you!


Timeline Bohemia

Encyclopædia Britannica - Wenceslas

Wenzel, Germany’s worst King

Heraldry Bohemia

Hope you have some use for this stuff. :wink:

Found many more but it’s in German.
Or do you know German?

Did you try the source links on Wiki?
(two of them are German, one of these two is dead)
What I want to say is, don’t read on Wiki alone, sometimes you need to go deeper into the web.


That sure clears a lot! Thank you.

Well I’ve learned a bit about Wenzel. In general it was clear from the start, that he sucked as a king. But one thing, that I can’t understand is the motivation of the Lord John of Liechtenstein to save him. I’m looking forward to see the explanation in the game.

Also if you know some anecdotes about Wenzel post them here please!

For German-speaking people: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=hY8AAAAAcAAJ&rdid=book-hY8AAAAAcAAJ&rdot=1

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Ok, so he had a pack of hunting dogs which he kept in his bedroom. One night, his wife (Johanna von Bayern) tripped over one of them on her way to bed and the hound attacked her and killed her.

The chroniclers of that time mostly did not like him and wasted no opportunity to spread bad things about him. Among the kings of Europe of that time laziness and drunkenness was more the norm than the exception. At least that is what cs.Wikipedia.org says :wink:

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English translation of the article on Duolingo.com