What about saddle durability?

So, I like the way the game handles horses and riding, but I have a small complaint: saddle durability.
I checked a saddle trader and I found there’s many saddles you can choose, different weights and different carrying capacity. Sadly they are all the same when it comes to durability. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if the durability wasn’t just 1. Every time I meet an enemy while riding my saddle gets destroyed, so I have to go to a cobbler and pay 600 groschen to have it repaired. I’m not saying I don’t want it to get used, but a single unhorsing or a single hammer strike from an enemy shouldn’t completely destroy it…


Are you trying to fight on horseback? fighting next to your horse?
What level of scout perk do you have? Scout lets you see trouble ahead thus allowing you to fight dragoon style.

How do you get it repaired? I had a nobleman saddle and couldn’t find a way to fix it, just ended up selling it for a new one.

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Cobblers will repair it, just place it back into your inventory before talking to him.


Ahhhh. Damn. Too late. I tried all shops except for him.

Yeah, I had a hard time finding it out. Then I thought "If boots are made (for walking) of leather, then maybe the cobbler can repair a saddle made of the same mats…

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I have scout III and I try to fight from my horse. Usually I go to battles on the roads mounted when the enemies wear armour, while I dismount to fight peasants. I take out my bow and shoot them, then proceed to dismount and fight whoever remains. The problem is, every time I get hit while on horse my saddle gets destroyed. I would understand a bit of damage, but it goes from 100 to 0 in one dismounting, more or less…

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On normalI was spending 1000g every couple of days repairing my saddle, seemed like one hit and it was destroyed. eventually just gave up as it did not seem to effect performance in anyway, so just rode around with zero durability and could still carry same weight. This play through on hardcore saddle seems to last better

fighting dragoon means dismounting and fighting on foot or from a defensive position. Use scout to get a first strike advantage with a yew(77) bow and better piercing arrows and aim for the belt line as this seems to be a new kill shot area. Then keep moving about using poisoned weapons with like doll maker or bane.

If on PC use the pro bane mod. very effective. Also Capons hunting bow mod in the 110 power version ( I call a real war bow). Additionally the bow reticle mod helps aim with bow , the gold dot stays as bow is used.
With armored Foe a heavy war hammer or bailiff mace/ceremonial mace and heavy shield works best. For swiftness a metal plated axe will do. You should also have gotten or get what strength and combat perks you can the help in damage and stamina.

All this if getting your horse and saddle getting hurt/ damaged bothers you.

Oh really? And I did not even know Cobbler repairs the saddle. Thanks for the info!

If on PC and pinch purse you could use the cheat mod and command console repair all items and EVERYTHING get repaired like new…

My problem is not the damage or the groschen, and I don’t like to dismount like a peasant every time I see an enemy. My problem is there’s no middle ground and the saddle goes from fully healthy to completely broken in one strike, while every other piece of armor, even shirts, lasts longer under stress. I think the devs made a mistake here, they probably forgot a 0 that would have made saddle durability 10 instead of 1 and would have saved us from going to the cobbler every fight.

So all the Dragoon soldiers down the centuries from France , England, Prussa, Russia and the US 7th Calvary were peasants?..ok
Or mebbe your just not there yet to handle the combat?
True, the saddle coulda been treated better however I see it just as an expense that can be avoided. amd I make enough to get repairs and sometime fix it my self if it is so bad. Just recently I took on a 9 bandit group( a mod for encounters) on foot and it didn’t end well…for them. my saddle is still pristine.

I was joking. I’ve got no problems fighting on foot, but I’ve found out certain encounters tend to get really bad really quick, so I never dismount until I see what’s going on. I’ve walked into battles on the road trying to help the guards against the bandits only to find out the were all bandits and they were all too glad to set aside their differences and start skinning me…

That’s when I smile knowing they are about to meet their doom. Me: highest level plate and mail level 17 kettle helm, poisoned ceremonial mace and heavy shield. the right perks for combat and stamina. Them…my piggy bank. A 110 Capons bow ( A real war bow level)and best piercing arrows.

In addition the game added a new ( for me) kill shot: the belt line. one arrow there and dead. If they are moving and dodging arrows aim slight to left to correct.

I’ve seen quite a few posts about broken saddles, so I thought I’d post. Also, from my experience, having a broken saddle doesn’t decrease carrying capacity for your horse, but I did feel like I was getting thrown from the horse more frequently with a broken saddle. Sharp turns at high speed had a very high chance of throwing me off.


Now, that’s something I’ve always wondered about. Thanks for the info. For the purpose of completeness, I’m assuming you don’t have that perk about the horse never throwing you off outside of battle?

I have that perk and get thrown off saddle many times outside battle, with or without a sane saddle. If I try to pass under low arches or through thick woods at high speed, that’s a throw. But the saddle gets damaged only when in battle.

which is why I strive to leave the horse in the back and advance on foot to the Frey.

I started leaving the horse more often, yet it is inviting, to put arrows in an enemy from a horse…