What Are your MUST HAVE Mods for Kingdom Come Deliverance

Title says most of it but for some context, I have beaten the game once in a fairly rushed (although not known to me) manor in only 40 hours and want to go back and enjoy everything else the game has for me and I want any mod recommendations for everyone must have mods to improve my second play

Hello there… I’ve already played about 500 hours, I’m finishing the game for the third time now in Hardcore mode, and I highly recommended Hardcore mode, it’s more fun with less HUD and without cut direction indicator and I’ve just more realistic feelings from the game

And I’m using these mods:

Custom Main Menu Background - just for fun, prettier menu
Enchanced Eyes By Grimsy - better eyes
Enchanced Hair Texture by Grimsy - better hair
WaP - Wooden Inventory Menu - for me better inventory
Better and sorted Inventory -clearer sorting of things in the inventory
Mad Generals Light Hud - almost invisible HUD and Dot (in Hardcore it’s awesome)
Sim Camping - veeeeeryyyy goood mod for Hardcore playing, u can make camp
Stay Clean Longer Get Dirty Gradually - you stay clean longer
Shop Proper - Different marketers have different things
Prices Rebalanced - better economy

Just find it on nexusmods and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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not an addon, but i love it:
wh_pl_showfirecursor = 1


1,000+ hours here …

Must, must haves
wh_pl_showfirecursor = 1 – Add this line in the user.cfg and the reticle is shown when using a bow.
A Sorted Inventory – This mod, or one like it, is absolutely necessary. The vanilla Inventory is not good.

Must haves
wh_horse_CameraCentering = 0 – I’m so glad i found this tweak. Add the line in the user.cfg and the camera centering while riding is gone.
Bushes.Only_Collision.Remover – What a relief not having to care about all those pesky bushes. I can now just run through them.
Instant_Herb_Picking – Third person herb picking is very tedious. No more of that with this mod.
Instant_Potion_Crafting – I wish leveling up in Alchemy would speed up Henry’s movements. It doesn’t. Enter this mod: With it I can can get the first Autobrew perk already at level three. What a relief.

Wouldn’t want to be without them
Translucent_Helmet_Vision – With it I can use a helmet with visor, and only get a small visibility reduction.
SIM_Camping – Great mod. I use the minor version, modified as described by user ChazzyChazz in it’s Nexus comment section. It removes the cheatish save book and chest inventory features.
Darker.Inventory_HUD.Version – The mod is not updated so the darkening of the inventory doesn’t work for me anymore, BUT it still changes the reticle to the best version i’ve come across – small and grey, and with a dark outline which makes it always visible.
NoSloMo – No more slow motion blocks and masterstrikes. Makes the combat intense. The experience is greatly improved.
zzz_BetterCombatAndImmersionCompilation – credit goes to @DanskViking . I’m not using all the mods in this compilation, but some of them are very good. I use:
EqualBaseArmour – Makes you as vulnerable as the NPCs. This is great for making the game more hardcore. Now I can die from two blows or two arrow shots.
LessEffectivePots_LessAlcoholNourishment – No more free lunch. Eating from pots also drains your energy.
BetterTroughsAndBathServices – the water troughs are more effective.
BetterCombat_MoreRealisticPerks_Regeneration_Digestion_CarryWeight_SellingPrices_DirtApplication – A lot of tweaks in this mod that makes the game more challenging. I can’t master strike nearly as much as before, I get hungry quicker, I tire faster, and much more.