What is this about an act 2 coming out later in 2018?


I read this game was supposedly going to be 3 acts, then made into one, then recently read the act 2 version is coming later in 2018?

What is this exactly? Why not just call it kingdom come deliverance 2? I hope it isn’t a case of what naughty dog did with the uncharted lost legacy, releasing a 40 dollar standalone game. With respect, I don’t think a kickstarter game or a new essentially unproven studio should release something like that, only if you’re proven for several game releases like naughty dog or CDPR.

Is it going to be a full game?


the answer direct from the FAQ (Steam)

  1. So how do the three Acts work? Will there be 3 separate games?
    When we first started making KCD, we had planned on making 3 separate games. However, our first game got big pretty fast, so we decided to put the first 2 Acts together and then we plan on putting the 3rd Act into our sequel.


Can you link me where it’s stated to be released as act 2? For as much as I know, Act 2 was planned to be the shortest of three, but developing of game continued because backers approved to finish game later with more content and less bugs. 2nd Act was mostly added into the game roughly half a year ago.
Act 3 was supposed to be the longest, and I only guess it may be the follow up to KCD. Development of three acts was planned for about 24 months total, so you may also think that after almost 4 years, they added even 3rd Act to it.


KC:D is essentially the content of what was planned for Act 1 and Act 2 in a single package.

Once the release is done, and patches and dlcs have been finished and made available the next focus will be shaping Act 3 content and extensions to it into KC:D II (or whatever the actual final title will be).

The original offer for KC:D was act 1 content, with another two acts to follow, so most of the original backers are currently getting ‘around’ twice what was originally planned.
Anyone buying in over the last year is getting what they were offered. Nothing has been cut back or removed to gouge the customer, but some bits of planning got moved about to release more of the game in the first package, and some relatively minor features were ‘below the fold’ when the content was frozen so will have to wait until either patches/dlc or the second title.


Apart from smithing and dog companion, plus female campaign. Those are missing from the plan since it was only about to be act 1.


Will they have any free dlc or free content patches? I think they should do something like CDPR did and add in a few quests over the course of a couple weeks.


That’s true. But that is mostly because they didnt have the time to make it work within the game, perhaps in kingdom come 2 we will have blacksmithing and a dog companion.

The female story line would be released as free DLC for the backers


I also want female DLC but I am not backer. Apart from that, it was not confirmed, just chatter on forum. Developers mentioned more DLCs apart from pre-purchase bonus. Nothing specific.


There is however ‘enhanced voice overs’ which wasn’t quite met within the original order of the Kickstarter plan.

IMO The ‘value’ of the voice acting should be more than the dog companion for example. There will still be dogs, both as quest companions (we have seen Lord Capon with his hounds), and as guard dogs, but we won’t see a fighting dog companion for Henry in this iteration.


I have no problem of them absenting. I also saw how overpowered dog companion is in Far Cry 5.


I don’t want them even bringing up DLC this early though, unless its free for everyone. “For the backers” does nothing but put me off of this game. I barely know how kickstarter works, but with respect, these guys shouldn’t even consider releasing paid dlc until they prove themselves. I’m an rpg player mostly; I can see with my eyes this game and this studio has the potential to be the next CDPR but they can’t already be thinking of releasing several dlc just after launch.

I know I’m preordering monster hunter world and I planned on preordering this for the 20% off from amazon, but this talk of already a sequel and paid dlc is putting me off from this game. Early 2018 is way too stacked and I don’t want to regret a purchase from an unknown studio/game that plans to release several dlc’s until I know more.


It was originally planned to be 3 acts and has now been changed to 2 games basically instead of 3. Backers already knew this from the KS campaign. Also you must remember without the backers from KS this game may not have been made. So I don’t know why supporting the backers with DLC would “put you off” of the game.

As a side note better make sure all the Monster Hunter DLC is “free” :wink: and that CDPR also sells DLC for their games.

Don’t get me wrong I actually don’t like paid DLC and think it should all be free. As for actual game expansion packs that is a different story.


I believe Dan Vavra said it himself in the video update #16


I’m a bit worried when reading this… Does this mean that I won’t be able to finish all main quests until a Sequel?
I’m having no problem waiting for DLC to continue the game a but to wait for a new game? That actually removes alot of the immersion for me.


Quote removed spoiler.

Ruins Immersion for you, so does reading about the spoiler. :ok_hand:


lololol dont get ur hopes up.


Sorry about that. I’ve edited my post so please edit th quote :smiley:


A lot of people already got the sword back. Of course they patched that out in 1.4, but if you got it before then, then you can still keep it.


So is act 3 going to be an expansion or a sequel? People keep giving different answers so I’m not sure what’s happening


No one knows. Does it matter? Act, expansion, sequel, does it really matter what it’s called?

Nothing has been announced officially yet, so anything anyone says is wild speculation at best.