What will be next? What would I like to play in KCD2

WARNING: Spoilers ahead, only read if you already played trough KCD.

I loved this game, as I expressed a while ago in this thank you note THANK YOU, WARHORSE, for this RPG jewel!, and I would like to share what I would like to see in a Kingdom Come Deliverance 2.

  1. Set in the middle ages (I read about rumors that the sequel will be possibly set in 1506…that’s the Renaissance…please no!!!)!! KCD1 is already set in the very late middle ages and that is alright (allows for all that nice full plate Armour, long-swords, etc) and therefore is the perfect period to explore the medieval period in a game.
  2. Continue Henry’s story line…I want to see that “eye Opener” castle Sir Capon and Henry are heading to. I know this might cause problems in how to handles skills and advancement (since Henry is already very skilled in many things, by the end of KCD1, but other games overcame those challanges, see BG1 and BG2)
  3. Slightly more alive world, including other people travelling on horseback, People driving/travelling with horse carts and carriages, more wildlife, especially danger from wolves and bears (which did exist in the geographical area).
  4. A new tournament system that includes riding horseback with lances
  5. It should be possible to attack on horseback with lances…
  6. We need crossbows…isn’t that the perfect weapon for a leveling up system. Powerfull and deadly, but very slow…better skill for faster reloading…better reloading hooks for faster reloading…better skill, more calm during aiming…etc.
  7. Little details, like when you show up for a battle in the wrong waffenrock, people will comment on it…
  8. More realistic monetary system. In KCD1 it seemed to easy to get rich and buy whatever you want. by the end of KC1 Henry is by far richer than an average knight ever was.
  9. Don’t get rid of the survival system (eating and sleeping). I really liked how you did that…
  10. Keep the Savior schnapps based save system!!! I LOVE IT.

Ignore my imputs or use them for inspiration! Whatever you do…I am sure that you will do a great job with KCD2.


Skills in KCD2? might be handled IMO by introducing new challenges and other types of enemies, for example including crossbows and guns.

They had troubles with setting all NPCs doing their daily routines but the problem is that day time is flowing faster so NPCs are limited to few activities and can not always get to where they need to be at that time. For example work on the field in the morning and go to church afternoon because player may interact with them and they will have to return halfway there, achieving nothing.

Wolf and bear were made but devs were not satisfied with combat system vs animals.

Crossbows were prepared for animation but they probably cancelled them because they were not very practical, long loading time or possibly high accuracy (close range) with pierce damage, basically what a better bow is when you level up the skill few times up and can handle to aim to the head accurately.

I would personally like more limited inventory, horse pack is an overkill, just looting all, put on a horse, go to town, sell and repeat.

Hi, what rumors did you read about Ranaissance age? :smiley:

In my opinion(I read lot of rumors, saw lot of videos with developers in czech language) First part/small prologue will be some continue Henry´s story line. Next and main part of KDC 2 will be about Hussitas Wars = 20 years after KDC 1403. when the Jan Hus was burned and Hussitas Wars(with Jan Zizka) started. Maybe we will see medieval Prague. :slight_smile:

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yes! Definitly crossbows! I mean it’s bohemia! Crossbow-country! What I would like to see is a third person camera for as long as you do not draw your weapon and a second melee weapon slot for example a shouldered position for polearms or other bigger weapons and some more helmet and clothing variety like capes and overcoats and a human companion or knave which you can level and outfit to your liking

This is about “reading between the lines”. D.Vávra is huge czech patriot(according to his many appearances). He want to show, big medieval Bohemia and strongest part of our czech/moravian history was Karl IV period and Jan Žižka period(hussitas wars after Christian reformator Jan Hus was killed/burned by corrupted europan Christian Church) …Jan Žižka was the biggest “czech” chieftain, he didn´t lose any battle.
…And this period started at year 1415 - burning of master J.Hus, 1420-21 first hussitas battle.

I think OP is referring to the twitter post that was posted in which 1506 was seen. but it turned out to be a build number

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You just speculate. That’s all.