What would you like in KCD2?


Soooo I don’t know if there is any news about a seconde episode. So mets meet here a talk gently between gentlemen.First I would like snow a place like a fortress in mountain something like that. I would like snow and armor crafting with the possibility to customize it. I want bigger castles and finally I want a quest with a little fantasy like I don’t know finding a sword trap in a stone if you know what I mean :wink: . Well that’s all for now I am waiting for your ideas guys.


Well, the castle where Henry and Hans went in the end is this (Trosky)

So fortress in mountain is completed :smiley:

I would also like to see some bigger, famous castles or cities. Like Kutna Hora, Pilsen, Karlstejn, Krivoklat, Bezdez, Tocnik etc. Dream would be medieval Prague, but i think they won’t do it, at least not in the next part.


Hooo this castle look awesome so I hope they will add snow. Good idea I would like to see Prague also.


I hope they will make everything that did not make it into KCD 1, like Horseback combat, huge battles with around 100-200 combatants and possibly change the clothing system to something less glitchy.

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Yes you right I hope there’s will be bigger battle where you are just a normal guy in the middle of a big battle like they said you will be before


The atmosphere, beautiful graphics with forests, fields, villages, cities, an interesting story, including a mystical and unhurried narrative. Also quests where you have to think a head.

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Last DLC releases soon and they are moving their offices. This May be the beginning of development on their new game. I hope they’ll make updates to it.

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Big fights will spoil the atmosphere and it is difficult to implement them.


Well I know they will have more budget with THQ so maybe wee will have some info soon


well, to be honest, I don’t need a snow, definitely don’t want to bother with crafting and I would hate any kind of fantasy, wizards or fairytales.
what I hope in KCD2 is raw, realistic life, medieval atmosphere, I want to meet with famous Czech Philosopher and reformer Jan Hus, executed and burned in 1415 in Konstanz. I want to join Hussites, brothers and sisters in Tabor. I want to take a part in famous battles near Sudomer, Vitkov, meet Jan Zizka of Trocnov and help him to defeat King sigismund and his Catholic crusaders…
So much happened in Bohemia and Moravia in 1400-1450…


Late 14th century armor, being able to explore the big city of Prague, easy lock on between enemies, better combat, larger battles or more consistent battles in the main story and side quests, less fetch quests, no 3rd person dialogue scenes with black bars, better save system, custom characters or better looking main protagonist, if Henry is included in the next KC:D then make it look like time has passed and Henry looks older, being able to lower or bring up your hoods and helmet visors, usable and storable polearms, custom waffenrocks, shields, horse tack as well as better horse combat and horse riding, add crossbows, better hunting of different game, make the animals react to being shot at or run away after hearing a miss shot land, make them more responsive…I can go on really…


Yes that’s sound pretty nice to meet famous poeple ho I don’t want fantasy but just some reference to some legend if you know what I mean.


Yes and I want they had wolf and bears in forest . Make the hunt be more dangerous especially if you walk in forest at night

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I would like see an expansion in the world. Battle the Turks outside the gates of Vienna. Travel the to Prague and other locations. More immersion with actual decision making that has an effect on an outcome. Add children……. No fantasy.


I don’t want fantasy either just référence about some legends


More variants of armour, especially ones featuring besagews, as well as English and French variants of plate (the Hundred Years War had been raging for some time, thus it’d make sense some pieces were stripped from corpses and sold around, and John, the Blind King of Bohemia died in France in 1346, so some earlier armours would have made it back with the lesser men) If they do give us another Prizbyslavitz-type village to rebuild, I’d like SOME FUCKING PALISADES PLEASE. If horse combat is introduced, great. If not, I’m not as bothered too much. So long as the story is solid enough for replayability, that’s what matters. Maybe adding Sir Hans Capon as a permanent companion for the second would be nice, as they were beginning to have a budding friendship in the first and it’d be great to have them continue being friends all throughout the second (some of what they do together is hilarious)


Yes some french armor will be awesome thanks ( I am french lol) and I would like some joust fight also adding Hans has a companion who can fight at your side in some quest could be fun. Yes wee can see they are friends now especially after the bathing moment lol


kingdom come deliverance online and nothing that is not necessary


Prague’s old town + Prague’s castle would be awesome, with 1420 Battle on Vitkov’s Hill… It would be crazy expensive to design but absolute masterpiece:-)

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That should definitely be added to the second game without a doubt, but it will be a much smaller battle since frame rate, bugs, issues, and crashes will most likely occur if it’s a full scale battle, and horse combat isn’t much of a thing yet. The Battle for Privyslavitz was a small battle (40 v. 40 maybe?) and the frame rate was around 15 to 20 on console.