What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Lot of Wh40k games, Dark crusade, Space marine, soul storm, Retribution.


Ah sweet. Any good? Assuming they’re RTS games btw? *probably should just Google them :smile:

I remember seeing some other Warhammer game release earlier this year as well, Vermintide or something?


I used to be a Necron lord. They are pretty easy nad OP I’d say.

I almost went the same road. But when I was doing 6th quest for the brotherhood of steel and when I was searchign through 20th building I started to realize that I will not get to the main quest by this way. So I shat on everything and went for the story.

I must say that it is not seriously a good game.

But I am playing it too from time to time. But mostly (dont laught at me) I am playing League of Legends with a friend.

And I am preparing myself for re-run of Mafia 1


yep, and next year there will be Total War: Warhammer


Yes they are very good games, all of them are rts, except Space marine, which is a third person shooter.

Ah yes, but the difference is Vermintide takes place in Warhammer fantasy, while the games i listed take place in the war hammer 40k universe with space ships, and futuristic shit. There are theories that they are really in the same universe but i wont get into that.

Vermintide is a really good game though, and i highly recommend it.

Do you play vanilla or ultimate apocalypse? Because i always though Necrons were kind of weak in Dark Crusade and Soulstorm, but the ultimate apocalypse mod makes them insanely powerful.


I have no idea what is vanilla or ultimate apocalypse is. :smiley:

I was playing just Daw of War and Dark Crusade, but i did not play other DLCs or mods. And I also played just skirmishes agains computer and against my brother and some multiplayer games against other people.
(I never liked campains in RTS games)

I was crazy into it at the time, but I was stopped by lack of money and lack of good PC, so thats how my WH40k journey has stopped.


Rainbowsix: Siege

Intense firefights with walls to shoot holes on and to blow up.


Here the same, but I´m more an explorer… :smiley:

Now I start the mainstory…

But a good time waster… :grinning:


Ultimate apocalypse is a mod for Soul storm, that re balances a lot of factions, adds new vehicles including Titans, and just over all hugely increases the scale of the game. I highly recommend it, it makes Necrons a hell of a lot better.


I’ve put over 80 hours into the game and I think I’ve only done three quests for the main story line.

I believe I have about 10 settlements now, with supply lines between all of them and my main settlement, and walls built around every city with defenses at the only opening, etc. etc.

It’s a lot of fun.

And the storyline itself, the gameplay, etc., is a lot of a fun. It’s a really good game so far.


In my extremely ignorant view of anything Warhammer, I’d pretty much just assumed this was the case… Did always think those Space Marines were pretty cool though :smile:

The map seems to be absolutely jam-packed full of places and content huh?! It’s going to take some concerted effort to explore it all.

I agree. I’m definitely having fun with the building and settlement management component. I’ve done some side quests but haven’t really furthered the main story at all. I just find that there’s so many settlements that you discover or stumble across, and they consume the majority of my play time just trying to re-establish them with proper resources and defences… Admittedly I am getting a little frustrated with myself because of how engrossed in this sub-game I’ve become.

But the flip side is that I’ve heard that the main story is / was a bit of a let down anyways?


As for me, I’ve been indulging myself with some Tales of Zestiria and King’s Quest complemented by occasional bits of MOBA :grin:.


which one? there are tons of them.


Well I do occasionally play bit of League of Legends, where I transitioned from RTS games which pretty much shaped my childhood. I mainly enjoy the competitive aspect of it. Played bit of Dota, Heroes of Newerth and Guardians of Middle Earth as well but nothing lasted for me as long as LoL :smile:.


I tried lot of mobas too and like yourself ended up with lol as longest played.


Well, it’s a pleasant surprise to see some people here play those as well as I expect not many KCD folks to be into such games :smiley:.


Have you or @Hound, ever played Smite?


yea, they are such nerds with their hipter games that no one every played… :smiley:

I did.
It isnt bad and if I didnt play LoL already I might have been hooked on that.
But I did not wanted to learn another set of items and characters.
Also the 3rd person view and controls takes out that “tactical” feel and make it into more reckless game.
Not that its bad but requires different set of skills than LoL or other typical MOBAs


The Witcher: The Wild Hunt


Fallout 4, SMITE and Paladins.

I also stil need to finifh Mad Max, Batman and MGSV, byt they are on hold for now.


Fallout 4 now. Been doing that since release. Saw the new video for KCD Tech Alpha 0.5 yesterday so when I’ve beat Fallout 4 I’m gonna try that for a change and then go beat Wasteland 2 (I’m 2/3 in complete). Then I can play Fallout 4 for a while more until Hitman 6 is released. When I’m done with that KCD should be released I hope! :smile: