What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Playing State of decay again.
Waiting on more Fallout 4 mods, vanilla became boring after the first 72hrs.
also picked dying light back up (been on a zombie kick)


Got Forest in early access and played about 8 hours straight…


I have over 100hour in the Forest, but its just frustrating now…To many cannibals, they always know where you are etc so I have a break from that game while they update the cannibals AI…


I assumed that end game is not really there yet. Its gets to underground caves exploration and I think that it is about to get boring. But initial atmosphere got me into the game and I can think of bunch of things to keep the game interesting.


I’m playing some GTA V and minecraft on the ps4, and rome II total war and Attila total war on pc.


Total War Attila: Age of Charlemagne


I finally got my hands on AC: Syndicate*, and it seems okay so far. At least compared to some other games I bought lately, including Unity, Tropico 5 or TESO, for example. I didn’t liked it from the start, but bought it in a sale with -60% just to try and it seems I was quite true about it. It couldn’t be farther from Skyrim (or Gothic) games, I only played LOTRO before, but that was oldschool gamer’s heaven in comparison to this… and at least it kept player motivated, since there were still some sales or updates going on… but here you go to the city and all you see is a market stand with content and upgrade seller among crazy graphics with no right angles, where 20 houses means really huge city and it’s ruled by king, who doesn’t care he has bandits just outside his city gates (and inside mostly as well, so they wait for your - some unknown guy’s - advice)! Potato world par excellence… Nothing interesting to do at all here. And If you do - save some ‘king’ for example - you get few coins which is some 1/5 of the cheapest piece of equipment part in game. Definitely crazy… :smiley:

*Industrial London is interesting even as only a scenery with not that much options. Not as much as Dunwall or Bowerstone, though. But I think it perfectly shows way for future KCD acts - If they could make Paris and London, warhorse could do Prague or Vienna as well. With better story (like in Dishonored) and options to change the game world (like in Fable 3) it’s a perfect way ahead imho… :blush:


I have playing lots of 7 days to die.

My buddy has a server so its been a small group off us fighting against the hordes as a community.


I am on the battlefield near Gettysburg in great realistic strategy game Ultimate General: Gettysburg from creators of DarthMod.


Jedi Knight Series
+Jedi Academy modding :grin:
Best Jedi Game 4ever!


I have played alot off 7DTD lately, but the last patch made the game so bugd… But normally that game is great!


13.6 is less stable then 13.5 for sure, but my group is making the best of it.


I just took up playing Lords of the Fallen… it amazes me how addictive this simple button smash game is.


At the moment I’m playing DarkMaus (little rpg dark soul like but you are a mice :smiley: ), Stranded Deep (survival sandox), Insurgency and Kerbal Space Program. Oh and Exanima as well.


The Beta of Kingdom Come: Deliverance :slight_smile: Haters will hate :slight_smile:


You could stream your gameplay on twitch. This would be a win-win situation, we would see the beta and you could test your streaming equipment for less trouble for the next Warhorse stream! :wink: :beers:


Hmmmm… no! :slightly_smiling:


It was worth a try. :wink:
Have fun playing the beta while we are waiting. :beers:


Seriously? I think i have to sneak into the Warhorse studio :sunglasses:


Be careful… Tobi knows Kung Fu.