What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


I’m currently playing preview-versions of Kôna: Day One and Firewatch, both to come out in the next few days - being a YouTuber has its certain benefits :grinning: Oh, and of course still Fallout 4 and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, which are my active Let’s Plays at the moment… and if I still find the time, then finally finishing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the DLCs of Dragon Age: Inquisition - I got a lot on my plate :smiley:


At the moment


is a first-person story and character-based role-playing shooter set
in an interactive world defined by your choices.(Kickstarter)

It´s the first part of a trilogie.

The second part is NOW on kickstarter



I just have begun Sea Dogs: to each his own.


I would be playing kingdom come…but amd hasn’t fix the driver yet.


i just finished “mafia 2” as well…did you collect all the playboy magazines and wanted posters?


Star Wars Battlefront


Wurm Unltd.


Not yet :smiley:


NBA2K16; best sports game ever


Attila Total War - interesting attempt Crusader Kings and the Total War series to mix with each other. Atmospherically the best TW previously.


I plan on checking Undertale (Splatoon!?), The Darkest Dungeon and Pathologic 1&2.


Gibt es hier jemanden der The Old Republic spielt?
Würde gerne wissen, wie und was ich machen muss,
um eine Weibliche Twi’lek Sith Kriegerin spielen zu können?
Habe noch kein Abo und keine Cartel Coins.
Reicht es ein Abo zu eröffnen? Muss ich die Klasse und Rasse via Cartel Coins
freischalten oder vorher einen Character auf Level 50 haben. Oder
Legacy… was das auch sein mag!?
Im Offiziellen Forum können Gratisspieler nichts posten und erklären tut das auch keiner im Internet!


Between games. I played a lot of Witcher 3, but not going to restart now until the Blood and Wine expansion is out.

Have Steelbeasts Pro, but I’m not in the mood for modern warfare at the moment.

Kingdom Come Deliverance (Beta) is filling in my PC gaming hunger.

IRL I’m doing some Meyer Longsword.


Meyer is like Geralt… Too much swinging and showing off :))

Edit: yes, my profile pic is Meyer :smiley: No, I still think that someone who doesn’t thrust is only showing off :smiley: And yes his compositions are still good as exercise :slight_smile:


Exanima! Best combat I’ve ever experienced.


KCD of course
Dirt Rally- Best racing game in years!
Grim Dawn
Umbra-Wolcen Early Access
Diablo 3
Patiently waiting for the Camelot Unchained beta to start


I’m currently playing Naval action. A very good game available on steam, still in beta stage, about naval combat during the age of sail. They recreated historical ships, including the HMS Victory and the Santissisma Trinidad with 4 gun decks!


Is anyone here who plays Star Wars The Old Republic?
I would like to know how and what I have to do to play a female Twi’lek Sith Warrior?
I still have no subscription and no Cartel Coins.
Is it enough to subscribe? I have to unlock the class and race with Cartel Coins
or i have to unlock with a previously Character on Level 50?
Or on Legacy… whatever that may be !?
In Official Forum Free players can not post somthing and nobody explain it correct in the web!

I’m able to buy 60 days and cartel coins for 8 euros…
But i want to know exactly, “What are the possibilities to unlock Twi’lek Race and Sith Warrior Class”


Anyone here playing Black Desert online? :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about this, but from the videos it looks like a masterpiece :slight_smile: Might try that… very nice and detailed world, interesting housing-system and a number of other things I missed in TESO…


Black desert didnt really catch my eye, it has awsome character creator but what I saw from the actual game was not much impressive.