What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Battle fleet Gothic Armada, I’m liking it a lot.


but its pretty damn expensive and its early access.


The game came out last Thursday, it’s no longer early access. As for the pricing, well i was able to get a solid 20 hours of enjoyment out of simply doing solo skirmishes, i haven’t tried multiplayer yet, and ive only played around an hour of the campaign which is supposed to be quite long. I’d say for 40 bucks it’s well worth it, especially if you’re an rts fan.


that sounds reasonable


Can you fire terminatus? If not then im not gonna buy it.


You can deep strike Terminators on board other ships, if that’s what you’re asking.


I bellieve he meant Exterminatus. A brutal tool of uncivilized mon-keigh (so-called Imperium).
It is a order to anihilate entire life on one planet (no matter how).


Ah, that makes much more sense now, not sure why i didn’t make the connection. I’m well aware of what an exterminatus is. :wink:

I’m not sure if you can or not, they’re usually carried out by the Imperial inquisition, and you play as the imperial navy in the campaign. I’m not very far in the story so i guess it’s possible there might be one, but i doubt you will be the one to carry it out.


So called Imperium? You best be careful blasphemer, or you shall face the inquisitions wrath.


I’m fan of Warhhamer games and I’ve played Dawn of War a lot, especially second one. So I will buy Gothic as well in the future.


Are you a fan of the first one at all? I liked the second one, but i felt that the first one captured that Wh40k feel much better with the large variety of factions, and massive battles.


I din’t like it that much as a game. I’m more fan when you can control each unit and know precisely what they are doing - it is closer to tabletop miniature game that way.

So I did not mind smaller scale of the second DoW, quite the opposite. I even prefered stories about small groups and little conflicts.


"One clip"

Sorry couldn’t resist. :wink:
The word you’re looking for is “magazine”, or “mag”.


I know that! It’s just an old meme I like.


oh shit oh shit, i bought the Aramda Gothing thing and I am already stuck in the menu… I cant decide what to play!!!

My childhood memories of WH40K DoW are coming BACK!!!
It feels like big decision right now, I dont think I can make it.


Ohhh great. Now I bought it too. See what you did @SirWarriant ?


@Wenceslaus @ProkyBrambora the game is actually quite complex so i highly recommend doing the tutorial first.


yep after I created the captain and saw the ships and their stats I new I need the tutorial
EDIT: the tutorial is in the Campain?



(20 characters fuck)


dang, i bugged it already…