What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Neverwinter Nights (2003)


Well, i’d think you’d get far more entertainment value out of the PC. Especially in todays age :stuck_out_tongue:


you obviously haven’t worn a suit of armor to the airport/train station, grocery store or night club


Or on the list field. :wink:


You Sir, are correct. I never have, lol.

It’s not on the bucket list for me :smile:


Finished GOW afew days back, but playing Conan Exiles ATM but offline single play cause connecting to the servers is an issue…lol cause they don’t have enough. But enjoying it, map is huge, tons of stuff to do, heavy emphasis on crafting though. Has afew bugs, but that seems to be the norm for games being launched these days.



Is the thing on the left side of letter a medallion, a chain?


They seem to have more servers now that are not that full, but there are alot of bugs that needs to be fixed. Especialy the lag.