What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Neverwinter Nights (2003)


Well, i’d think you’d get far more entertainment value out of the PC. Especially in todays age :stuck_out_tongue:


you obviously haven’t worn a suit of armor to the airport/train station, grocery store or night club


Or on the list field. :wink:


You Sir, are correct. I never have, lol.

It’s not on the bucket list for me :smile:


Finished GOW afew days back, but playing Conan Exiles ATM but offline single play cause connecting to the servers is an issue…lol cause they don’t have enough. But enjoying it, map is huge, tons of stuff to do, heavy emphasis on crafting though. Has afew bugs, but that seems to be the norm for games being launched these days.



Is the thing on the left side of letter a medallion, a chain?


They seem to have more servers now that are not that full, but there are alot of bugs that needs to be fixed. Especialy the lag.


Ive decided to start playing Life again.

I gave up gaming before KCD, it dragged me back in. Now its time to take a break.


Hope you still play with these forums from time to time; at least to share which patch/dlc/mod made you respin this game…

Getting prepped to return my PC from the loungeroom (was great having KCD play on reference screen and sound system) means that games with HUDs can be played again- the 21:9 lcd has no burn in issues like plasma will with STUPIDLY BRIGHT YELLOW/RED HUD.

So probably gonna play wonderboy (dragons trap) and elite again.
Suppose the ps4 with take over tv duties with uncharteds and wipeout/persona5.

Ahhhh Ni No Kuni (2) your 21:9 gameplay is ever so tempting…

Wish I could game less and content create more. KCD got me back into PC as a gaming platform simply cause I have been waiting for a cryengine medieval game since Crysis first launched…
A week before KCD launched I rotated out an i7 3770k and jumped to x99 platform and a 6core12thread beastie.
Most games rendered less frames as my per core clock had gone from 4.5-4.8ghz to a lowly 3.9-4.2ghz.
KCD was the perfect package at the right time…

(Add self removing HUD and Backgammon and I’d never turn it off)


I’m not a die hard gamer. I’m 69 and retired.
I started 7 years ago on a 360 playing Oblivion.
I was given several other popular games to play but never played them.
I only played Oblivion for about 20 hours.
I liked everything about the game, except having to enter “Oblivion”.
The garish red color of the environment turned me off.
Visually it made me feel odd…creepy.
Then got into Skyrim on the 360.
Got up to level 70. Absolutely loved everything about the game. Graphics, puzzles, magic, everything.
Graphics wise, I believe it is a work of art. The skies at night blew me away!
And the sound track? Classical opera!
When the XBox One Skyrim Edition came out, I went out and bought an XBox One.
That’s how much I loved Skyrim! Of course the graphics had improved, which is why I bought an XBox One.
I’ve studied and have done a lot of art, so I really marveled at how they did the graphics. A Master Piece!
And the Mods for Skyrim that can be downloaded to the XBox One are nothing but genius! More for PCs.
XBox wants to keep the downloads a PG rating, so I’m considering building a gaming PC.
Had Been watching videos on YouTube for KCD beta, and it looked fascinating, and the graphics were even better than Skyrim, so bought a few weeks after it came out. It already had a patch and it seemed to work fine,
Until I was about 20 hours into the game, when the screen stutter started. I had to quit playing.
The rest is history after 1.5 came out.


So long …old friend :see_no_evil:


Skyrim was a gateway drug to KCD for a lot of us

A few random thoughts of varying degrees of relationship to E3

  • Hope Tobi and Rick (or should I say WH’s DLC) kills it at E3 to regenerate interest and $ in KCD. It’s a great thing to have a medieval game that isn’t sexied up with pure fantasy. Looking forward to the offerings.
  • Daniel liked Bethesda’s show. I’m sure it violates all sorts of His sensibilities but wish Bethesda would bankroll WH to create KCD-like historical fiction game centered around the Battle of Vienna
  • Very interested in Ghost of Tsushima (PS4 exclusive from inFamous creator). Foreign invasion, medieval combat, open world. A well appreciated recipe. Graphics in the demo look great but as we learned with KCD that doesn’t necessarily tell you what the official release will look like.


How can i block the communication with a member here in the forum?


@rataj Send DM to @DrFusselpulli


Thank you. i thought there is a button which can do this :slight_smile:

Nooooo my friend… now i saw why you’re not online the last days cry I hope you will come back after the completion of upcoming dlc’s :slight_smile:


Kingdom Come Deliverance


Very casual gamer here. Hadn’t played anything in many years.
Bought PS4 just for KC:D, and Still playing it, eagerly awaiting “From the Ashes”.
I must admit, “Call of Cthulhu” looks promising. But December is a long way off.


I will still be around the forums time to time. This is only a break I plan to reinstall around October.


Updating my VALVE_400 HDD with

  • new Black Mesa Steam version and my BMS to HL mod for it
  • finished the texture improvements of Alyx Vance 2002 Concept from hl2-beta
  • adding the following modS,