What's Everybody Playing Right Now?!


Playing Conan Exiles now, a fun game to play.


Neverwinter Nights.

Not played it before.


Conan Exiles too.


I tried to play Chivalry, but each time, my own teammates kill me and if I defend myself, they kick or ban me. And i got a Community warning after i wrote that into the Hub. Oh yeah with some not childish moderator words. (Cry you little Moderator baby) The moderator there is a little poor man. And the developers even more.
And maybe if he reads it here… did you think i am scared about your tiny laughable steam CUMmunity warning?! You little peasant!

EDIT: But i have an own dedicated server now… so now i am looking for good people to play some rounds Chivalry Medieval Warfare! You can write me a PM here.


I’m the only one playing God of War??

I still switch back to KCD every couple of days. I’ve got about 200+ hours in it and haven’t even finished it yet.

I’ve also been playing the Forest quite a bit. I bought it in beta a few years ago and have about 400 hours in it according to Steam. It’s an amazing game that I’ll probably never uninstall. The alpha just released but I doubt I will ever actually finish the storyline. It’s just too much fun building stuff and killing cannibals.


Chivalry Medieval Warfare PvP sucks. Especially, after level 15. I had same problem. My team mate was repeatedly killing me and nobody did a thing. Moderator requests a video, but how should I expect that it would happen and I should record everything? Besides few incidents, game was fun, but I rather played 4 players vs zombies, it was more fun, team play and not so skill demanding, it was hard, but those veteran players did the tricks to you.
By the way, I would like to get back to it after I finish KCD.


I generally prefer co-op gaming.
Portal, Baldurs Gate - heck Child of Light all offer that something extra if you bring a friend…

Competitive gaming has its moments… but even a brief ‘truce’ between a few teams of Worms makes the social moment ‘very rememberall’.

Games like Aliens are more accessible with multiplayer, offering some courage through ‘strength in numbers’. I wouldnt play System Shock (2) without housemates- Bioshock series felt comparitavely very ‘without’/lacking being single player only. Dead Space offers a little of the scare and a lot of the run and gun; and makes for a great modern blast…

Instanced multiplayer games like Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast) where groups of four could go adventuring together really paved the way in 2000. Diablo being the PC equivalent from a few years earlier…

Multiplayer Co-op is, for me, what gaming is all about.
Just about every 3DS purchase I made having cartridges that allow up to 8 players was a thing for a reason. Sure- every so often I’d have to buy two copies for co-op (Res Evil Revelations)… but gaming makes a great social experience to share memories (whilst developing social skills)- co-op is worth rolemodeling.

Maybe not ‘kill all zombie’ games for four year olds- but they have their equivalents.

Competitive gaming is fun, too, sure…
But for how long? (Why?)
If we all felt great about ourselves and didnt need the ego boost- then co-op experiences might be ‘flavour of the day’.

In open world race games (the crew/forza horizon) there is something really sublime about going for a cruise- flashing a few strangers and forming a brief ‘posse’.

Sharing our personal world with others is something gaming didnt always include: except by emphatically watching from the same couch (how my family plays KCD).

I love me some competitive gaming as well (battlefield 1) but it doesnt leave me feeling the same way as a shared session with friends…


Battlefield 1, COD WW2 War… some of my favs

Wish KCD had multi co-op (war)


Wouldnt need be ‘war’ for me.

Ive been coming up with a module that would scale for up to four players and force party variance (paper-scissors-rock mechanic). Spent a couple of months now imaginong a world of Bohemia with small teams travelling around in it.
Hopefully KCD sequel isnt a reskinning of some failed MMO (dark age of camelot-ahem-elder scroll online).
MMOs are not the same as games designed for small party encounters in a setting such as this.

Scaling difficulty and tight roleplay mechanics can happen when designing from the ground up for such things. Up to four player co-op is ‘where it is at’.
Divinity Original Sin (2)… is the closest Ive seen to something like Baldurs Gate x (BG) Dark Alliance…

KCD with a thief class and a warrior class and…


Conan exiles is currently boring the crap out of me. I probably wasted my money on this one but maybe it will get better.


Makes no difference to me… war or squad battling would be a great addition to KCD


I am on level 38 in CMW and CDW on rank 4. I was not able to level up in the last 2 years due of such people. Today in CDW I had a very good k / d with the knight but after the people realized that I was in first place they all switched to samurai immediately. KK, it isnt so important to me how many times i died. But palying all time with a low kill score can be very frustating. I am playing every time with the knight, heavy, slow and not doing more damage as other characters. It is a so ridiculous Community. :smile:


You played soma ? Frikin brilliant game.


Absolutely not :smile:

I’ve sunk quite a few hours into GoW. Nearly at the end of the journey though which saddens me a little… been pretty impressed so far. Old Kratos has come a long way, and the setting is awesome. Really love the Norse mythology. All in all I’ve really enjoyed the experience


How come, do you not know how to start? There is so much to do.


I finished God of War 100% with platinum trophy. It was a amazing game and I wished I had more to do.


I know… I’m taking my time with it and exploring every inch when I’m playing it.


Why the hell costs that damn world so much :money_mouth_face: :sob:
I can’t decide… PC or an Armor, PC or Armor, PC or Armor :crazy_face: :dizzy_face: tfa0af2_dash2


@rataj armour won’t require security hotfixes, anti-malware software, video card upgrades, operating system patches, memory expansions and electricity


@frelmedieval You’re right. But you can say an Armor needs sometimes some hotfixes on plates too.
And if it will be an Armor, i dont want to buy a complete plate armor.
So visual (video card) upgrades can be done too. But the memory expansions needs a lot more time.
It isnt easy to increase the own stamina! icon_laughing